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Weekly News Quiz for 3-12-2020

Again, this week, the link for the Weekly News Quiz took me to the Politics page:


Broken links; forgotten dreams



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There is a recurring issue with the weekly quizzes not awarding the designated 450 points.  For the previous  2 weekly quizzes, I did not get the points despite completing the weekly quizzes multiple of times.  Each time, Admin claimed my transaction history showed I got the points, but did not realize the points awarded were for other quizzes taken that same day.  Apparently, Admin cannot see the exact quizzes taken to correspond to the points awarded, but only see there are points in the transaction history.


I took the Weekly 3/12/2020 quiz at 6:20 PST on 3/12/2020 and unfortunately,  did not receive the 450 points again! 

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Community Manager

@Brightpool   I think you may be jumping the gun, so to speak.  We will post here when the new weekly quizzes are live and badged for AARP Rewards.

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Teri,I also tried the 3-12-2020 Weekly News Quiz before I went to bed last night, and again several times today.  If I correctly understand your reply to Brightpool, there are now invisible "See More" buttons that we need to defer to speak.  If we see a listing on the Earn page, we should first go the appropriate Community page to find out if we are actually allowed to click on the Weekly News Quiz link?  The AARP Rewards site has MANY more serious issues than this, but really?  Why is it listed on the Earn page if it can't be used?


AARP Rewards Weekly News Quiz 3-12-2020 unavailable.JPG


Wow! I did not realize that correct information come only through this forum! It is indeed sad. I also attempted to do the quizz as it was seemingly offered and experienced the same as your first correspondant. I did not think I was jumping the gun by trying a quizz that appeared to be offered. However I often find AARP Rewards personnel condescending as opposed to genuinely helpful and informative. It is also sad. 

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