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Use or Lose Your Points

Hello Rewards Warriors


We are again being manipulated.  Extra Credit was pushed in and card gone immediately.  


Before Beta testing has ended and a finished site is presented, we are being told to use your points.  


Our points balance will start reversing after all the problems we've struggled through as Beta testers😣


The catalog seldom has things of real value and you struggle for the few cards/deals offered compared to number of members.


What do you think about this new policy?


Are we beta testers, valued members or crash test dummies?


Have a Blessed Day


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@andrewtoo @Brightpool 

Hey there Andrew and Lynn

Read your posts thought I'd share since I'm one of maybe few that hasn't had a million points in new Rewards....

Once they made announcement & told us about the transaction lists & it would include our "expiring" points...I watched for list to appear made note of points had (just over 100K) once Expiring list appeared noted the amounts... which total to expire first then next month was pretty high cause it had my initial 25K points in it.... Anyway I did little things to notice amounts changing and such then big points item which wiped off all my expiring points... now my account shows 0 to expire 

So in doing this I verified that the system does a good tracking and subtraction of earliest points earned of course I'm unable confirm totals they started with just assume its correct but feel the system will work as it should at least at this present time

Good luck and hope y'all get some nice things while your using up your 200-400K in points in next couple months. 

Once the monthly rollout expiration starts I'll most likely have 10Kish a month to use... those who earned Max Daily limit will have around 225K to use each month b4 lose em .... think that'll be when it becomes a factor folks really losing points... at least my thinking be hard use 225K each month therefore I'll stay with my 10-20Kish a month. 

I am glad they've provided us all the expiring total plus supposedly will email also b4 points expires... these will become valuable tools & info going forward. 

Hopefully they'll offer enough for all folks be able use up monthly points. 


I'm curious if you'll share... How many points are y'all earning now? Still maxing out everyday? Have y'all ever spent 225K in points in one month? Like said just curious 

In old days & new too I reckon it could/can get very repetitious doing those daily things to earn points

Noticed they've given us back Daily visit 15 points 

Well, thanks for letting me share.... 

Enjoy your day! 

Ginger  ;  )

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Hello Rewards Warriors,


Why have all the earn activities just to lose points. 


Why can't we keep our points earned as of 12/31/20 and lock them in permanently for being crash test dummies (i.e. Beta Testers).  Any points earned starting 1/1/21 can be lost in on a rolling basis.


What a way to be thanked for helping😯


Have a Blessed Day,


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I thought I'd start a new topic called, "Use it or lose it," but this one showed up as a possible related topic, so I'm posting here.


With the relaxed rule of losing points on a rolling 12 months instead of after 6 months, we have a bit of reprieve. Still, our efforts will dissolve if we don't use the points for something, anything, in a year's time.


BTW: I looked at my Points Expiration on Transaction History. I'm scheduled to lose over 400,000 points in January 2021 and another 200,000+ points in February. I just hope that as it can be done with accounting principles, this will be done as the first-in, first-out (FIFO) rule. That is, if we redeem points before their expiration, then those points would be deducted from the expiring points.

For example, if I redeem 150,000 points on sweepstakes entries and discounted gift cards before January 2021, I should see only 250,000 points (400,000-150,000) drop off my total, not 400,000. I don't use LIFO (Last-In, First Out) in any of my financial transactions. I wouldn't expect to see it here.


Stay well and enjoy!


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Hello Lynn,


Points are cancelled on a first in, first out basis, according to Teri's posts and I believe I read it in the rules.


As for a reprieve, the six month points cancellation (the old rule) was only if the member had no activity for 6 months, then their points would evaporate all at once.


So, now, active participant or not, each point earned is subject to future cancellation on a rolling 12 month basis.


Take care,

Silver Conversationalist

Marylin: It's a catch 22. That's exactly what they want. They won't give us the necessary tools to spend the points (ie: an increase in the number of redemptions, more sweepstakes with a value higher than $67, bring back auctions, get rid of Daily Deal and Earned Credit and increase the value of the points only egift cards). I would gladly spend more points for a $25 or $50 card than a lousy $5 card
So what they have done is figured a way to take them from us. In my book that's called STEALING
Just Saying
Periodic Contributor

Called Rewards they told me it was AARP that changed the point system taking away our points. Called Aarp and they said it was Rewards did it not them. Who is telling the truth. None of them.Call them several time with the Same question and see how many answers you get. And we pay them for this

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Hello @Dcmburnell124 


Hello World is the new program administrator, try calling them and let us know the results? Did you call them?


I've received different information when calling AARP Rewards😢  Maybe policies are made or changed according to how that individual feels that day😣.


Have a Blessed Day


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Hey there Marylin 

I discovered & posted about "Hello World" they were brought out by "The Merkle Group" in 2018 ... my digging into info came from Andrew & Lucy posting change to Merkle in the "official rules " so really think they made change to name cause so many having issues with Hello... but they didn't fool us long. They one & same 

Have to say Hello isn't bad in all they do they handle Coca-cola Rewards which offered lots nice things & chances to win b4 pandemic but Coca-cola is a big company

I think AARP is huge also but maybe not willing to spend so much??? Its anybody's guess


At start of New Rewards our Welcome email told us that "points would expire if no activity in 6 months" plus it was in offical rules which several of us(Andrew/ Lynn/ Hokie/ myself & ect) read early on .... This was really good I figured & knowing this info is why I came to checkin if only to get Daily 15 points cause that equaled 'activity' & I would check the daily (lose as u say & I agree) item see if was Amazon 


I was very upset with doing the extras to get a August Extra Credit reward....I wanted the free for points only Chili's card...did the required quiz/videos stepped away only briefly came back was gone which stinks didn't even last a day.... was there b4 did required stuff gone after completed🤯... truly I'm thinking its a scam... I've read that others had this experience 😨 I wonder is it gone for folks who've not done extras?? Please share cause I'm curious... thanks

& I feel same as so many folks who've stated buying one with $2 off is not worth the credit card transaction 

I've read others lots of y'all sharing about things going fast that proved it to me 

So I'm grateful haven't invested the time I used to

& wonder what they really hope to accomplish by this new set of rules...its sad and so disappointing truly I don't think I ever got over disappointment from them taking away old rewards plus the sucky(25K) amount of Points they gave me as reward for my loyalty and commitment to program.... sorry for gripes ... such a bummer the things they do 


Maybe they'll offer more for all of you who've been active and earning millions points.... y'all deserve it & should be rewarded for efforts... guess can hope til hope is lost 

It makes me curious if once again they are trying to let go of Rewards??? 

Again its anybody's guess 

Sadly disappointed....

Enjoy your week! 

Ginger   ;  )

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Ginger, the no activity rule is different from this new out of the blue rule (Use or Lose) slap in the face rule😒


They had a good Extra credit for Amazon card, I completed immediately and card wasn't available.  If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it's a Scam😢


The whole new AARP Rewards program was not what we were told.  It gets worst as we go forward.  


Hopefully we can reverse back to way it was in the first 3 months.


Have a Blessed Day


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Lucy, we lost all are points when R4G ended.  AARP Rewards was introduced as being so much better.  It's continuously a new issue for someone everyday, that makes for job security.


Beta testing has gone on for (9) months now😢Weekly deals were worth the headaches and had value, now gone.  Catalog is loaded with "buy this" items😢.


Before we get a finished website, we are told to get something you don't want or lose your points.


Ginger & Andrew read all the policies and would have posted about this in the beginning.  We are told that the plan was to expire points, why wasn't this plan revealed in beginning on 9/25/19😮


AARP is looking pretty sad with the way they're treating their valued, paying members.


I've been asking for higher valued "Points Only" Gift Cards since R4G .  The first few months of Rewards was good, but got worst.


 Have a Blessed Day




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