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Spot check on errant activity

This morning, I tried just a few activities. This is one that gave me trouble.

  1. New! Stay safe at small social gatherings linked to Navigating the new normal.
  2. Navigating the new normal did not award points upon completion.


Stay well and enjoy!


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Yes.   I have listened to that first video several times and no points awarded.

I don't see the points added from the crosswords which I love.

However, they magically appear if I do a quiz and get added in.    The quizzes seem to work better than everything else.


Oh, if one is a golfer there is another good offer listed today.  I'm not, but one could get $150 worth of merchandise with the three redemptions.  I am happy with my three Carrabras $25 cards.   We had a nice takeout meal this week (plus another leftover meal!) all thanks to these cards.   

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I tried this again today. No points awarded!


Stay well and enjoy!

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Far be it from me to draw conclusions, but....


I learned a lesson through experience that if you want to reach someone via phone, if they don't pick up before voice mail kicks in, you call back 40-60 seconds later, and without exaggeration, they will answer about 75% of the time.


The parallel is this.  The Rewards program had an abysmal week.  The videos were as point producing as a team shutout.  At the risk of devaluing time, while I can't explain why or when, somehow, multiple tries resulted in points on the video you mentioned, and once the points started coming on an array of videos, for the most part, things were fine.  I put in a bit more time than I'd have liked, but accumulated a satisfactory plus amount of points by the end of my AARP portion of the day..


If I were to guess what unlocked the point barrage, it was skipping around, finding 1 that worked, and that triggered things, including the vids that were pointless earlier on.


Whether its worth your time is an individual thing, but trying once and moving on should get an incomplete as opposed to a didn't work mark. 

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