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Re: The Enemy is the See More Button


As it has come to be known, the "see more" button has become known as the Seymour button and repeatedly pressing the "see more" button has become known as Seymouring.


So, I was Seymouring though my transaction history today.  I had reason to view my transaction history several times.  However, I continue to get the same error shown below.  This is nothing new, but, are you guys going to get this fixed, it is frustrating to get the following error message and have to start Seymouring through my transactions again.  Three or 4 failures today, as shown below.


Hey @AARPTeri are you guys going to fix this, it has been a problem since Day One?  Edit: Opps! I'm using the preferred (and recently updated) Google Chrome.





001 Tran History.JPG