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Introducing a New Way to Earn Points!

You can now score up to a total of 900 points DAILY when you play these select AARP Games:



Give it your best shot and aim for a top score! 

You must hit ‘Submit Score’ when you reach the end of the game to receive your points!


Check out all the Insider Tips for Rewards Badged Games here - 


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Where is the "Submit Score" button?  I finished the puzzle, but couldn't find how to get the score?

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@JoLo49    When this happened to me, I went to Menu and found an option to reveal the puzzle.   


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Now that they are giving me 450 points each day for playing 2 puzzles played b4 began rewarding points for them makes for less videos or quizzes do for those points.... wish they make Codeword reward points its my favorite game

FYI Also once down to couple words can't figure out just go through abc's til fills it then have 100% done 

Enjoy have a great week 

Ginger ;  )

🙂 Smile & the world Smiles with you 😉 Pass one on....its free
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The “submit score” button does not show until the puzzle is filled in 100% and with no errors. 


If the puzzle is fully filled in and the “submit score” button does not appear, that mean there is an error(s) somewhere in the puzzle. Users can either review the puzzle to try and find the error(s) or they can toggle on the “show errors” option in the menu.


If it’s just one or two errors, using “show errors” should not affect your score enough to meet the minimum threshold to get the rewards points. 

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Thanks, @aarp Teri!
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WOW !! That makes a lot of sense, We don't need more ways to earn points that you will eventually take away from us. What we need and all of us have been begging for, is more ways to spend the points we already have.
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