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FIXED “Let’s Go” button on Weekly News Quiz - 12/8/2022 doesn’t work

“Let’s Go” button on Weekly News Quiz - 12/8/2022 doesn’t work for me (neither today nor yesterday.)


Anyone else having this problem?


Using iPhone, iOS 16.1.2, Safari.



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Hey Nax 

Same issue I posted yesterday under Teri's 'New Earn Opportunities' post about it not working 

Let's go only change color wouldn't advance to Quiz no matter what try

The  Robo video she has worked & rewarded points

Came back try today

Earn section just swirling won't load page

Couldn't even put Weekly promo nor get any visit points nor go to Rewards afterwhile trying went to  AARP Now app it wouldn't award points & when returned to Rewards page its now covered with RED 'CURRENTLY UNDER MAINTENANCE'


I'm about fed up

I no longer go for all Daily points & such for while just do enough get 1 gc a month but I really don't know if it is worth it anymore to invest any time

Sad sad situation for far too too long

Take care have nice weekend everyone

Ginger  ;  )


For me I only basically saw the buttons.

Except for the first question, something that I could not revove covered the page. I could only see the bottom of the possible answers (not the questions and even could not read the possible answers), but could click on something and on the red buttons. I got the points, blind so to speak.

Which is more than I got for the videos that I tried which gave me nothing at all.

Something is deeply wrong with their system.

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“Let’s Go” button now works on the 12/08/2022 Weekly News Quiz. I successfully took this quiz and (eventually) got the points!


The layout for the first question looked fine to me. You already received the points, so probably not a useful fix for you.


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STUPID "Lets Go Button"  - my question is why change the format for the quizzes when the old format was working just fine and now we have to contend with the page advancing up and down whenever you clicked on "Next Question" and the DUMB "Submit" button. The whole thing is more difficult and so busy and messy now. 😫quiz 1.jpg


quiz 2.jpg


To make matters worse the quiz page that appears is old format, new format, old, new, old  ect. You never know which one is going to come up, it's so random at best. It's the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

This IT department really does like random !!

There is no rhyme or reason to what they do. After multiple attempts shutting down for maintenance what did not work is still broken and they have managed to make what was working QUIT WORKING !!!  😡  😡


The problems plaguing this Rewards Program will not be fixed by the very people that are creating them !

Just Saying


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