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I cannot understand why no one else is not screaming and jumping up and down that you can only answer only ONE (1) quiz, then the next page returns back to the Quiz Collection Page, (see photo attached) there are no points available on this page regardless which quiz you select. Returning to the start page, picking an entirely new quiz has no effect. Changing to iPad is no help even changing the browser doesn't help. There is something definitely something afrock going on here as I don't believe this is an isolated case and has been going on now for 3-4 days. Only solution is to log out and come back and choose the video's as you no longer can answer the quizzes again. Was hoping this would correct itself but alas no luck. What I do not understand is why this is not happening to everyone. ???????

Frustrated and totally aggravated to no end at the incompetent people running this program.

Confused and Pi$$eD

Just Saying 


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I, too, am concerned about links that do not work. If I see 450 points for a monthly quiz, I like to open that quiz in a tab and take the quiz for the points. I do not like to go to an AARP Quizzes page where I can't do anything with any of the listed items.

What happened to the quizzes? What happened to the links?

What's happening? Inquiring minds want to know!

Stay well, everybody!


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When following a link to a quiz I like to open the quiz in another tab/window instead of overwriting the current window. I don't lose my place and if the browser "gets lost" it's no problem because when I'm finished with the quiz I close the new tab/window and resume with my web page of quiz choices.


I right click on the link and select the "Open link in a new tab" pop up menu entry. Do the quiz there and close just that tab/window. 


I hope this helps.

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Nope. It doesn't help.

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Tried this but it did not work. They just need to fix it so that when you click on a quiz it pulls it up and not the site that lists all the quizzes.


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I know exactly what you are talking about.  It is happening to me as well. I have gone to 2 different browsers and it is the same. They need to fix this ASAP!

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I was wondering if anybody else was having the same problem.  I sort the quizzes on the earn section by earn frequency.  For the last few days there are certain quizzes that take you to that page you show.  There is no way to get points for those quizzes.  I can't even get the quiz to come up when I do a search.   So I just try another quiz until I find one that works.  Currently I have found 6 quizzes that don't work for me.  They are the following:

"Do you know how sex affects you?"

"Learn the truth about relationships"

"Retirement money mistakes"

"How to safely sell items online"

"Can you match symptoms to conditions?"

"Do you know how to market yourself?"


If these quizzes no longer exist or are no longer giving points why do they show up when sorting for quizzes showing you can earn points.  I do not use an ad blocker.  I have tried it both in Chrome and Edge and have the same result.  

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I had never checked that page but I went to it and there are lots and lots of quizzes to scroll through.If you use an ad blocker that could be the cause.I have to disable mine to see some of the videos here.Otherwise I have no idea what may be happening but I hope someone will answer and solve the issue for you..

I always click earn  beside the redeem button and sort to just view quizzes or videos,etc, there.Thats been easier for me since I can see the check mark showing what I have already done it so it saves time clicking things I have already done.Some strange issues pop up on here

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