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52,000 Points for Walmart $10 Gift Card-Members Only

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52,000 Points for Walmart $10 Gift Card-Members Only

The people running these rewards are pushing things to the limit.  I don't see how they can justify this many points for a gift card. These cards are supposed to benefit the members, not drive them away. The $5 Walmart card (as of this posting) is still there for 28,000 points.  I am surprised they didn't double the amount for the $10 card.  Guess they thought they were giving us a deal!!!

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Hi @hatfield6549

Thanks for posting about’s a sad reality that whoever’s in charge of the current program, are growing more insensitive to Senior Citizens!!

The decline is everywhere on this shadow of what the program used to be! So now,... it’s not only harder to earn points, but the quality of what they can be used for is miniscule...even compared to this time last year, with $10GCs, for say 15,000 points!

Now I, like many others, went ahead & used exorbitant amount of points for the measly $5 GC as the month is ending, so as not to go without using the 3 redemptions!

So all of a sudden here’s a $10 GC today....but at the “are you kidding me” level of 52,000 Points for $10 Walmart Gift Card & I just used up my last one for yet another $5 GC.

Actually, ...even tho it’s so high a ‘price’ to’s better to use only one redemption for $10 worth of GC, rather than use two of the three redemptions of $5 each for $10 worth!

 BTW: Thanks for the topic

Anyway... Take care!  ☮️  ~Allen  🌈


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You said it brother!

Thanks for the laugh.JPG


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Some 8 hours later, this ridiculous offer remains available which leads to this sentiment.


Would be confession first.  I acquired my 3 items already this month, taking me out of the possibility of purchasing either WM card, BUT....I must admit that I would have been quite tempted to bite if I hadn't maxed out.


No doubt some others matched my use of 3 already, but to anyone who hasn't, and has the character to tell the point assigner to kiss their butt by applying a sense of fair value and passing on these 2 ripoffs, I say good for you.


Standing up to these imbeciles that raise point requirements and stagnate on 3 purchases per month and 7500 points per day is commendable and I salute anyone who has point purchasing options left and walked away.  I hope I grow up to be like you. And I hope those ignoramuses running this sham of a program are having a great time swallowing the hatred the group has shown toward them.

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Couldn't have said it any better!!!  Now, if someone would just listen!

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