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If anyone has any information, companies that offer travel insurance.

Started with asking Aarp and they have MedJet, which looks good. Though actually looking for -

- insurance for the trip itself. For if we get sick or something keeps us from going on the trip, like getting sick at the last minute or some other emergency. Anyone know of anything?

thank you very much

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Allianz has travel insurance and covers for sickness, travel companions sickness, and in some cases, costs for being quarantined away from home.  It has several levels of insuring you can choose.  I use them for various trips but mostly for trips outside the US because, like MedJet, they provide for emergency medical and transportation back to your hospital of choice.  The cost is usually in the 10% of the insured amount and depends on your age.  I've had to use the insurance once.  We had to leave our hotel in Dublin, Ireland one night early on a prepaid stay due to an anticipated airline baggage handlers strike.  We had to change our flight out to a day early or possibly be late to our next location.  Allianz paid us for the one night hotel cost we lost which happen to be about the cost of the insurance. 

Also, you can choose how much of your trip cost you want to insure.  You wouldn't insure a full week $1000 hotel stay cost if the max you could lose was one or two nights stay.  For example, I have an upcoming trip but my one night hotel has a 48 hr cancellation notice requirement.  I will include it along with my plane tickets in case I have to cancel the day of travel.

Check with a travel agent or other travel organizations before purchasing.  We have AAA and they have a company code to enter on the website which gets us a 10% discount on travel insurance.  A travel agent familiar with the products should  be able to point out any shortfalls in the different plans to make sure you get the coverage you need/want.

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