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What was your most memorable trip?

What vacation or getaway has been your all-time favorite or that you will never forget? Why? What happened? Where did you go? Have photos to share?

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Throughout my travels of the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Mexico, Key West stole my heart. I recall every detail of that magical trip that I took about 35 years ago. Our small commuter plane made a banking turn out of Miami and bumped along at low altitude until the island came into view. In no time, we landed and were whisked off to a candy-colored guest house nestled among brilliant flowers, palm trees standing at attention, and 50 species of butterflies. All I cared about was visiting Ernest Hemingway’s home where he wrote “A Farewell to Arms” and a number of short stories. To my delight, Tennessee Williams also had a stunning getaway as did Robert Frost and Harry S. Truman -- the little White House. I could see how the atmosphere, a dichotomy of lively music and carnival-like community could also offer genteel tranquility. I had my first bite of key lime pie while visiting and was transported – still my favorite dessert. Biking through neighborhoods, swimming in cobalt blue waters, diving among sea life, dropping in at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, and exploring other island treasures would end each day with the crowning glory of a blazing sunset of pink and orange and purple. My very last thought each night as I sat quietly was of profound gratitude that I had had a glorious day and that I got to do everything all over again when the sun came up. I do believe that I need to go back, one more time.

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The most beautiful fall foliage in the south in October was the following:


Begin at Front Royal, VA and travel south down to the BlueRidge the Parkway all the way down south to Cherokee, NC  Many stops and lookouts along the way. Nice towns to enjoy also!


This past June I went on a cruise with two of my children to Cuba. As we arrived we were told that cruise ships would no longer be able to sail to Cuba for an undetermined time. There was one other ship there while we we were but they left early. We stayed two days and we were on the last cruise ship to leave Cuba. It was not only a a historical moment for us but also heart moving moment as we waved goodbye to Cubans standing on shore and waving goodbye to us.09E92813-46FF-4504-B54B-0E7174A382EE.jpeg


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My most memorable trip was an 8 week trek in the mid 70's from Calcutta, India to London aboard a big red London double decker bus.  The top deck was converted to sleeping bunks and the bottom deck was a lounge area and small kitchen.  There were ten of us from all over the world, all 20-something, with a sense of adventure and a desire to see the world as cheap as possible!  We travelled through India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey before reaching Europe.  Imagine that!  When I think about where we went, how we got there and everything that we did along the way, it just boggles my mind.  It's a shame that travellers nowadays can never experience such an amazing journey.


  November and December 2018 my best friend (sister) and I took a 4000 mile driving round trip from Indiana to Arizona.

  We met the day we joined our local police department in 1971 and immediately bonded. For 48 1/2 years we and our families were family to each other. Over the years we had many great trips and adventures.


My friend became ill with breast cancer and it’s complications a few years ago and we decided that we had to take one more road trip. We were able to see and do many things my friend had never done in her life. We met up with family members in Phoenix, Prescott, and Sedona we saw many of the wonders of the Southwest. One memorable moment was when my friend was so awed that she was standing where dinosaurs used to roam. All through the years and challenges she kept the childlike ability to be fascinated by the wonders of this world. 


Four months after our our return home, my friend died of congestive heart failure. I will remember our final road trip and months for the rest of my life



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   My most memorable trip was to Victoria, British Columbia.  I'm a Renaissance/Baroque musician and for many years I had a 7-piece ensemble.  One year a co-worker told me about the High Tea that's held at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC.  I wrote to the manager, described the music I play, and asked if my violinist and I could perform for one of their High Tea events.  The manager telephoned me upon receipt of my letter and invited us to play.  Regina, my violinist friend, and I (I play soprano and tenor recorders) went there about a month later.  We wore our prettiest Baroque-style long dresses and fancy hats.  The room where the tea was served was packed with guests from all over the world.  Regina and I were given a "stage" that was up two small steps from the main room so we could be seen and heard.  We played our best Baroque pieces for about 30 minutes.  At one point, Regina's violin bow hit the brim of my hat and knocked it off me.  A gentleman from Japan got up from his table, picked up my hat, and bowed as he handed it back to me.  He got a round of applause from those close enough to see what had happened.  

     We finished our performance, bowed, and were led off our little stage only to be taken to another large room where tea was also being served.  Unexpectedly, we repeated our performance.  Then we were seated at a round table in the main room and served high tea as a thank you.  We stayed in British Columbia for another day and saw as much as we could.  It was a wonderful trip and one that we're both still talking about 24 years later. 



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In 1972 my husband and I bought a Chevy step van and made it into a very comfortable home on wheels. We had a stove, ice box, sink, bed, toilet, table and storage. We traveled around the US and Canada for about a year-and-a-half. We met many wonderful people and saw a lot of great places. My husband wanted to duplicate the trip and about ten years ago we bought a Sprinter van, but I became disabled and it just didn't work out for us, but I wouldn't trade the memories from our "hippie trip" for anything.

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flight 93 memorial, shanksville ,pa. this one came be very emotional. it's hard for me to put into words. you have to go and experience it for yourself. also nearby in bedford county is "gravity hill" it is a fun experience. google it.


Driving some 600 miles between Cuba's two largest cities was the number one travel experience in the  65 countries we have visited.The four day experience from Havana to Santiago showed us how wrong U.S. policy on Cuba was and still is since we ecountered nothing but good will and openess from everyone we met on the way. Of course back then it was illegal to travel to Cuba on our own but this ridiculous prohibition didn't stop us.In fact that experience was so fantatsic that we made two more trips to the Pearl of the Antilles, both also in violation of the ridiculous U.S. law .


My most memorable trip was in 2013. We went from coast to coast on a motorcycle. We stayed off the main freeways Never made plans more than a day in advance, that way if something sounded interesting we could detour and see it.

My most memorable trip was in 2013. We went from coast to coast on a motorcycle. We stayed off the main freeways Never made plans more than a day in advance, that way if something sounded interesting we could detour and see it.

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I was very fortunate to accomplish 2 firsts this year:  First trip to Europe (Greece) and first cruise (Greek Isle).


At age 70 without an adventourous  travel companion, I thought I would never do either of these.  Fortunately my grandson's choir was doing this trip and I went along.


While the ruins and remnants of ancient culture are amazing in Athens, the Aegean Sea cruise to the islands was amazing. All I can say is it's exactly as pictured with beautiful white buildings, blue sea and mountains. Wonderful food, great tour directors and staff on ship. Spent 4 days on the cruise with visits to Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and others including a brief stop in Turkey.


Amazing trip. Hope I can do more.



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My most memorable trip was to the Dakotas; specially the Badlands and Mount Rushmore.  In one word--beautiful!

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Hi @LydiaN586309,


I just arrived in Rapid City, SD, yesterday and will be here this week. What all do you recommend seeing/doing here? What were your favorite things? Any restaurants or off-the-beaten-path places I should check out?




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Well, this is probably going to be boring to many, especially with so many foreign travels, but was honestly the best "trip" I ever was part of...


In the mid-70s, a bunch of us "hippies" decided to go from KC to TX for Joe Cocker concert, in the absolutely most broken van, with little cash but of course other valuables...


I swear, once crossing the Texas state line, quarter-size rain pummelled us for hours.


When that stopped, we pulled into a rest area (this was the 70s and rest areas were 2 pots and nothing else), rolled out the sleeping bags and crashed.


Two minutes later, quarter-size mosquitoes visited; apparently they do grow everything bigger in Texas.


Arriving in Austin (or wherever) I think, we enter the concert, and honestly, it was amazing; Joe even slipped very nicely to the floor and sang lying down on the stage!


I think back now on the beauty of our freedom to be then and am amazed... we enjoyed everyone, no matter ethnicity (not a word used then), age, orientation nor politics.


Can't give a clue to the return trip; just know I'm still here to describe it 50+ years later so we made it!






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well, where to begin... I was very fortunate to have been stationed in Isreal for 15 months... Spent the weekend at the site of Mt. Mossada ... Actually ran to the top with fellow marines from the American Embassy in Tel Aviv.... The whole time there was an adventure in it self and would love to go back... the history and culture is absolutly incredible.. Thank You Sgt. Matthew Flynn USMC Msg Bttn. Quantico Virginia....


The Rainforests of Latin America have been among my most memorable trips because they present and preserve the greatest variety of wildlife and natural beauty.  They represent the "lungs of the planet" that keep our atmosphere more breatheable than would be the case in their absence. 


See them before it is too late!  Climate change is driving extended periods of draught and shifting rainfall patters causing faster drying and greater susceptibility to natural fires & first set by those who would illegally clear the land for economic development.

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Good evening to all-

I don't know if this trip was my most memorable, but it was pretty nice.


Greer, Arizona is a tiny end of the road village in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona.  It's a long way, in every sense of the word from Phoenix, Tucson, and the tourist covered places like the Grand Canyon. Greer is about 4 hours from Phoenix, and it is totally different from Phoenix and even Tucson.

This little village has a few lodges and a small motel- the Lazy Trout- affordable, basic, and clean.  there are no gas stations in Greer- that's how small it is.

But, sitting at 8500 feet and in the valley of the Little Colorado River, Greer is a great place for people who don't need a lot of entertainment but who like fresh, clean air, big trees of many kinds, lots and lots of wildlife, and some pretty decent fishing. In the winter, there are some good ski lodges quite close, but I can't comment on them- I don't ski.

It's not at all uncommon to see elk walk across the one road and come up into the parking lot of the Lazy Trout and graze on the grass there. Expect to see elk, deer, and on the open prairies pronghorn antelope and even bighorn sheep- they're all there.

So, if you like theme parks flashing lights, and lots of people, don't go to Greer. You won't like it. But if you enjoy great hikes, and some gorgeous scenery and wildflife, you might want to put this on your list.




good evening to all- Ed