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Re: Resort Area's to be avoided

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Hey there Franklin

Just came across your wild post.... glad you got to vent and get that all out of your system 


Curious & I just have to ask Did you not go visit this area to check it out before making a move there? 

I certainly wouldn't & never have just move anywhere without personally taking a trip & visiting and finding out about folks that live there & eating and getting to know about the area 1st. Yes I've did internet searches and had info in hand when went to confirm it offers what I need and want from place choose to live, but certainly wouldn't go based on that and without visiting.

SO Why? 

Good luck and hope you've left the area by now or its gotten better

:  ) 

Smiley Happy Smile & the world Smiles with you Smiley Wink Pass one on....its free
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Resort Area's to be avoided

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Do not come to Panama City Fl. or P.C. Beach. Not now, Not ever. and NO, this has nothing to do with storm Damage.

here is a copy of the email less the headers. I sent this to channel 7 news and local officials.


Subject: Fwd: PCB fails to perform as a resort of any kind.


Good day, just got back from the food wagon event at pier park.


We threw the food we bought there directly in the trash.


It was not even hot, and anything but fresh or grade A beef. In fact, my 120 lb dog wouldn’t even lick it. He will eat almost anything from a used Kleenex to a dead bird.


Here is a copy of how we have been treated so far.

As for out plans, I’d say the Florida AG needs a proper letter, unlike the ones I send when I’ve been lied to, or served garbage for food.



Begin forwarded message:

From: F G
Date: February 14, 2019 at 12:14:23 AM CST
To: [removed]
Subject: PCB fails to perform as a resort of any kind.

Good day.

After 30 minutes of looking around the PCB web site you’re the winner for this nasty letter on the performance we have found on every front while attempting to live here.

Starting on OCT 2 last year, we moved here, just north of Thomas Road behind the surf shop.

Oct 10th the storm hit.

We did not mind helping the landlord repair 3 of his roof’s or remove the 16 foot high pile derb’s that used to be the pine tree over our new home. I even used my body hammers to straighted out ‘one of his mobile trailers to aid in another living quarters. Tarped another of the landlords home.

I got (for days of labor) what turned out to be my only 1 GOOD Meal out here so far, except Waffle house and subway. thats correct..not one $ for the help I provided, not ONE.

That was all before Nov 1st. then we helped put up miles (ok not that much) of fences

Then it all began to go bad. Started with a simple call to Aspen dental. After letting them know my 69 year old lady needs 2 broken teeth pulled, they gave us appointment for dec 29. 3 weeks away, we were there in person. with the broken teeth ready to have them pulled.

Of course they did not pull any teeth on Dec 29th. Instead they made another appointment for some Gum care. some time in Feb.

I offered 2500.00 $ a tooth - right at the counter - if there was anyone to call. After 3 weeks of waiting when we told them in Person, in writing, in advance, we were here for a tooth extraction.

As I boiled sitting in the waiting room another elderly lady (had to be in her 80's) came in with a broken tooth she had been after Aspen dental to pull since Aug / Sept.

I called every hospital in Bay county asking for emergency dental care. NOTHING!

I then searched the Web for dentist, till I got an answer, on Dec 29th.

On Wednesday the 2 of Jan it was pulled near Kissimmee Fl. That’s right. We had to drive almost 8 hours to a real dentist. It was infected, as I knew due to the Smell.

Pulling it did not require anyone special like a Oral surgeon etc.

We have another appointment soon for the 2nd tooth. I can tell you now, Aspen dental will not pull this tooth.We cancelled that appointment. Yes I called, complained after the 3 week away appointment was set, they refused to cancel a cleaning or order in anyone -I got absolutely NOTHING out of them. and still no call from them or anything else but "oh were sorry."

BTW a sign is in the window stating EMERGENCY DENTAL care.

Sir, that is outright LIE.


You would think that was all just bad luck. Nope… just the beginning.

So about 4 weeks back the lady stumbles and knocks here elbow out of place.

At almost 70 that’s a nite mare. My phone says we called 911 1/20/19 @ 3:40 PM

But not here in PCB, HERE, it’s your worst nite mare.

We waited 45 minutes (hospital records indicate we arrived for treatment after 5 pm) while OUR ambulance, (we called first) was used to escort a couple of Gays who share the same lover, as well as being crack heads -who happened to stab each other less than a mile from here.

Durning treatment various "things" were NOT even considered. like height and weight, no one asked , Does it hurt anywhere else...NO ONE. did a head to toe exam, just 1 X-ray of the arm.

which two men poped back into place after a local given thru an IV.

Then we look down at the Pain prescription, it’s for an Opioid.

We call to make an appointment with a pediatrician as the ER had said we should. Get a 2nd X-ray and perhaps a cast.

Of the 2 Doctors recommended, one did "refused to accept new patients from the Hospitial", and the other had a "wrong and incomplete address".


As incredible as that is…it’s not over yet. So far we have eaten…or attempted to order a meal from many of the places to eat on Thomas road, or along 30 A to the west.

So far - we found NOTHING worthy of paying even a single Dollar for.

Even Wendys can’t make a fresh salad.

Across the street at the Friday fish fry. Yea…bones in the gumbo, and the fish fry…you can get better out of the freezer in Walmart.

At the Red lite just to the east is an ice cream shop where you will be asked to pay 11 $ for 2 two scoop cones.

Farther down Thomas to the east…there is a shop that says.. FAMOUS Pork and beef etc. RIGHT!!!

Famous for what. One can get better beef from Hardees – the lowest meal humanly eatable is served at Hardees. And this place is way worst. The bill was 28 $ for a beer and 2 sandwiches we couldn't possibly eat. I told the waitress that if she would take the first bite I would finish it.

Over the weeks, We continued west, stopping at most every place all the way to the bridge. Last nite, we tried Scambies.

Just horrible "all you can eat Jumbo shrimp", that were not jumbo and were Not fresh.

Fried in the same oil as fish, Fryes, ocra and whatever else can be fried, already been frozen and not thawed before cooking. They could not even serve us coffee for 19 minutes after we were seated and ordered. There were only three other tables being served,.I saw someone go over to the gas station and buy a cup of coffee and bring it thru the back door, where it was poured into 2 cups and served to us, 1/2 full and with Milk, not a coffee cremer in site.

We did not eat or drink any of it. We left no tip and was told the owners would be in tomorrow (Valintines Day) if we wanted to stop by. if.

Any place that say FRESH Fish is a lie. It’s all frozen for weeks.

The little Fresh fish and oyster place across from Schooners.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME… the ones around the corner over the small bridge, are even worst.

Not on my last day on the planet would I eat anything from any where on that side of the street.

Let alone anything like fish.

As for Schooners, well, at least I could eat there food, even if it was priced at 4 times it’s retail value.

We have been to the high end places as well, had a descent piece of beef from farther up the road on a Monday nite they serve Prime rib.

We have been to Capt Andersons parking lot, the little fish shack in the back (Marlien's?) serves a 12 $ hamburger after you realize the fish is FROZEN there as well.

My landlord says we have a pool and a hot tub with Wi Fi. You guessed it, can’t see the WI Fi with out (a 90$ booster), there is not shock in the pool, and so much crap is piled on the hot tub I can barely see it.


As if all this is not bad enough. Just yesterday for the last time- the Dumpster Man moved. For each nite we have spent here, (5 MONTHS now) at 3 am to 5 am each morning, this man would start his 40,000 pound Dumpster Hauler and rattle windows, set off car alarms and wake up the whole Hood. On All 4 corners of this block, that truck broke the water lines with in 2 months of each other. We have Septic tanks or it would be really bad.

The poor lady next door to him, has been hospitalized 12 times in the last 2 years. His landlord is 75, has had one stroke and lives across the street, as we do at 69 and 65 years of age.

When the landlord mention his IGNORANCE of the rights of others, it changed nothing. (yes I have pic’s)


Now that he is gone we can sleep past 3 to 5 AM???..WRONG!!!! every morning and I do mean EVERY MORNING 1 of what must be 6 different trash truck Companies start there runs…at 5 am they invade this area ..waking up everyone.

As well, One cannot even Drive here at nite for all the lites shining in your eyes from the hook and crook places known as surf shops.

The one here on Thomas Rd. shines it parking lot lites all nite directly into homes, 5 blocks away in every direction.

Nope STILL Not done here.

Just 4 days ago my lady was attacked by a “well known” mean dog in this area. Both my animal and her were attacked while the owner was Present. ( just 4 weeks ago she dislocated her elbow- REMEMBER)

The Dog was taken. But the owner was not Jailed.( phone says we called 911 Feb 5 @ 9:20 Am)

Again it’s been 2 years this dog has been roaming biting ..attacking…still MORE?


Just this morning 2 100 LB PLUS Great daines came running toward myself and my dog.

Unlike my Lady I unleashed my 120 lbs dog, ..gave him his attack words, and the two of us beat off the two great daines with a few bites and punches.

This is florida, we have a right to stand our ground here. I don't own a gun. Just think how this letter would read if I did.


There is more..butt, it’s getting late. Gotta remember I will be awaked by 5 am by trash trucks…even on sunday.

Your getting this letter because I can’t find anyone to listen…no one give one **bleep** what happens to your future in PCB.

I have simple solutions to all of this …who doesn’t. Well it’s clear no one in PCB “thinks” there is any problem here not storm related.


conclusion for AARP members.

To put it simply. This is not a “RESORT” or a vacation area for anyone ESP., elderly and or families. All the bars smell of urine and spilled beer. They will be renting hundreds of carts and motor bikes over the spring and summer, while traffic here is already at a standstill 4 hours a day between 7am and 6 pm

All the restaurant have multiple failures in every possible category including the entertainments. Which at one location was so bad, I asked the waiter, he said that was the owners Son was singing and that he sounded much better when he wasn’t so high. A Know drug addict and alcoholic in your hotel and at your dinner table...BROVO!

Can you spell Hepatitis?

after all that you'd think it was over...

It took us a total of 11 trips to the post office to get a simple change of address to WORK..

My wishful list!!!!

Stop the lies..if it says Fish, and Fresh, it can NOT have ever been frozen. If the sign says emergency service, well then by God you best step up. If 44,000 people die every year from a medication – Don’t prescribe that medication.

Don't make Good solid Citizens with decades of service, wait for an ambulance on some stabbing victims that can't make good life choices. YOU JUST MADE ME another one of THERE Victims.

Should I continue or are we all on the same page.

I would close each and every food service site on thomas road. Except the subway and waffle house.

Never let them re open or anyone who runs one of these sites, be allowed to open a food establishment anywhere in Bay county.

As well Pricing..on everything is at least twice what it should be for such a run down area.

I advise the city and county to:

The National Price index. Get signed up and price your area at the middle of the national average for everything.

There are no 12 $ hamburgers on a beach. Where there should be 2 for a $ sliders. Made of fresh beef or pork, not some over cooked dried out deli from walmart.

The Same everyone who can’t get a good meal, a tooth pulled, a pain killer that doesn’t kill, a swim, a soak, or a nites sleep.

Alright then… I don’t expect to hear from you or anyone.

After all this pcb did not get this way due to proper leadership…Did it?

I actually refused to buy a home here that was offered at a price - over 100k below market value.

A brick home, fully functional. I repaired that Roof as well. for free.


I can’t support a location that has NO as in NONE redeeming aspects.



F.E. Gracy

(Phone number has been removed),

Ps, for now, you have the only copy. That may change. AARP and others like the military, have a vested interest in what happens to Us retired and well off citizens.

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