Rental car for a week, what is the best company for a small / midsize car?

Headed on vaca and need a car at airport arrival, what is the cheapest company?

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We just rented from Budget and waited in line for over three hour for a rental we had prepaid for.

Never again.

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Perhaps check on aarptravel?


Has worked for us...



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That is hard to answer @tinab254398 . Depends on where you are going what price rates are since they vary due to location and sometimes the time of the year. Airports differ in what companies are offered. Most are the usual though.  There are also different extras to pay for, fees and various requirements or fuel requirements. Airports are typically more expensive in their fees and so forth. Anyone can give you a guesstimate, but where you are going may still be different.


You may also want to check into off airport reputable rental places where you will be going. Might be a bit less expensive. You will need to check if they have airport delivery or pick up and bring you to the rental place. And how easy it is to return the vehicle and get a ride to the airport. Even the airport rental companies also have in town rental places.


Sorry I couldn't give you a definite answer, I can only give you a few suggestions. Have a fun and safe trip.

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