Never Again!

I’m extremely displeased with this site! You would think having the AARP name attached to it would mean something. 

I was looking to book a hotel room for a Sisters getaway in August. I specifically searched for a hotel that allows you to hold the room with a credit card, and then pay at the hotel. After much searching, I found one that I thought everyone would like. I provided my card info  when prompted, all the while reading where “your card will not be charged now, it’s only to reserve your room”. After booking, I had second thoughts about the type of room. The site showed limited amount of rooms a available, so I went ahead a reserved a different type of room until I could talk to my sisters. Next day, woke up to my account being 900.00 overdrawn. Immediately canceled my rooms, and called this site. Everything I read and heard on the automated system said if canceling, it would take 24 hours to refund. By the time I figured out what happened, it had been that long.  No transaction had taken place. I called and talked with one of your reps. He stated he couldn’t onderstand what happened because he did see where I was booking under a pay later reservation. He called the hotel and they told him that their hotel didn’t participate in “pay at hotel”. Something is seriously wrong here. I called my bank to report what had happened as now overdraft fees are hitting my account. They showed no attempt at refunding my money. Oh, your rep said they had 72 hours, not 24, to refund. 72 hours and still nothing. The real kicker is that I really wanted this hotel, so I went back and reserved with a credit card, thinking that I handled it wrong using my debit card initially (rep told me it still shouldn’t have mattered). The charge hit my account immediately. I’m so frustrated, mad, disappointed etc. with this company! Three days later and I’m unable to use my account to make purchases or pay bills!!



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