Expedia is Cheaper for flights alone than AARP travel center through Expedia

I just did a search on line through AARP travel at Expedia for a friend who lives in Guatelmala.  Then, I realized since he is not an AARP member, he would not be able to book through that website.    I went to regular Expedia and found the same round trip flights (with the same restrictions, same cancellation policies, etc.) are about $150.00 cheaper for every flight listed (for instance $344 instead of $480).  I though AARP travel through Expedia was providing me with a discount on flights because of the "best price guarantee."  In reading the terms, the guarantee is for either a hotel alone or hotel + flight, but not for a flight alone. Probably this is how Expedia makes up the money it discounts when you are under the guarantee, by charging dramatically more for a flight alone to the unsuspecting. Moral of the story, always check other travel sights before assuming AARP travel center is giving you the best discount . 

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