AARP Travel Center is a Joke!

First:  there isn't a Phone App available for AARP Travel Powered by Expedia!  Are we supposted to lug our computer along?!


Second:  Back on my PC, found the only way to view "MY TRIP" is through "Support" at the bottom of the page, where "View an Itinerary" is located in tiny print above the "Search" window.  Wouldn't it be prudent to have a "MY TRIPS" on the home page?!   


Third:  The only other way to view "MY TRIP"  was to click a link in the confirmation email and go through a series of screens.


Fourth: When calling in to verify flights, agents seem very tentative and use a lot of "you should be Ok's" and "I think's"!!


Fifth:  My AARP Travel Center itinerary chosen airline seats did not agree with what I selected at booking, thus I called both air carriers and re-worked seats directly.  AARP Travel Center did confirm one airline seat change plus a new paid seat upgrade.  But, I didn't receive a second AARP Travel Center email confirming the second airline seat change plus a new paid seat upgrade. 


Sixth:  Call to AARP Travel Center to learn if there is a flight change, delay, cancellation or other issue I was told to contact AARP Travel Center.  And was advised to contact the airline(s) direct if I need to change a flight or upgrade.   Was I quoted the correct information?!


This is a long haul solo trip and I am very leary at this point.  Airfare was some cheaper, but not feeling warm a fuzzy about using AARP Travel Center at all..   


I encourage any AARP Executive to use the Travel Center for their next trip and let us know your experience!



I agree...never book a cruise thru AARP!  You are never considered a guest on the cruise web pages, you feel like on outsider.  If you are not on the cruise web site, you cannot book excursions thru their site.  You are not warned when your payment is due and if you miss it instead of receiving an email that payment is due, your trip will automatically be cancelled and all of the deposit will not be refunded.

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