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✈ 5 Tiny Home Resorts Across the U.S. That Are Big on Fun (AARP ARTICLE)

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✈ 5 Tiny Home Resorts Across the U.S. That Are Big on Fun (AARP ARTICLE)

🗣 By Susan B. Barnes, AARP. Published September 14, 2023.


FROM THE ARTICLE: Try out the eco-friendly housing trend at one of these resorts across the U.S.


Anyone stayed in one of these or would like to? 🤔


I would as long as there is a ground floor bed for me. Lol, too old for those lofts! 😱

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Alot of businesses here in Florida who "cater" to Tourist and Snowbirds do offer Tiny Home Vacation Getaways.


Really "pricey" but folks seem to like the experience.


Disney's Tiny Homes are a popular choice here.


Nicole  👵

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@SummerIsTooHOT wrote:



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Nicole ✈ (Destinations Forum)

Hey @SummerIsTooHOT,


These tiny homes would be ridiculous for anyone over 60. They are dangerous. Some have steps to a loft but many have ladders. The space within the structures are fraught with potential accident inducing design flaws as pertains to seniors.

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Wrong, on so many levels.

The standards for tiny homes has improved year on year, and we will see more of them in future.

They are efficient, easy to maintain, and obviously inexpensive.


They allow seniors a level of independence and security, and are becoming a recommended solution.


Seniors safety advise - Tiny homes for elderly parents 


I could give you more links, but you get the idea.  


I've done a LOT of research into this, and I know many friends who have either spent time in a tiny home, or built one.


I'm going to build one for my parents when they retire, it's far better than moving into a retirement home, and I have the room to build it. It will also add to the value of my property.


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Bravo! We have a "tiny home" community here that thrives; it was planned and lived in by Tony Hsieh when he pictured a different world for all of us.


Multiple generations live in these homes; some 1.5 stories but most 1 story, with kitchen, bath, living area and secluded bedroom.


What most don't recognize is one story "tiny houses" are actually larger square foot wise (600) than 1 bedroom apartments (475) including the one I live in.


I am proud of you for planning ahead, and especially loving your parents so much they are included in your plans. Thank you for that!



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@WebWiseWoman wrote:

What most don't recognize is one story "tiny houses" are actually larger square foot wise (600) than 1 bedroom apartments (475) including the one I live in.



I don't know where you got your information, @WebWiseWoman, but the square footage you quote of 475 square feet is for a studio apartment, not a one bedroom. One bedrooms, on average, are in the 700 square foot range, actually larger than most tiny homes.


Tiny homes are a terrible investment as they depreciate over time, unlike most real estate. For the most part, they have shorter lifespans due to the cheaper construction materials used to keep them relatively inexpensive.


Most are built with "use of space" as a #1 priority, not comfort, so you will find built in couches and dining areas that are very uncomfortable.


Most tiny homes are not suitable for the disabled without expensive changes to the structure.


Obtaining insurance can be difficult.


Finally, and since tiny homes are relatively new on the scene, an area, not well thought out, is starting to become evident.


The psychological aspect of living in a tiny home.


It is becoming evident that those that were early adopters of tiny homes can have feelings of being trapped in such a small, walled space over the long haul. Many decide to get rid of their tiny home.

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