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Re: handling with pain

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It largely depends on the cause of the pain. I’ve found diet, mild forms of activity, and meditation to be quite effective. 


I have several autoimmune disorders, along with fibromyalgia. There are times I have to resort to OTC non steroidal anti inflammatory meds, but those times are rare.  My diet is mostly the run of the mill healthy stuff - lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grain and lean protein. My activity consists of stretching, walking, swimming, light calisthenics. 


There are tons of meditation apps you can use. I like those by Andrew Johnson, because there are a number of recordings for different life circumstances, including one specifically for managing pain.  Stress increases pain levels, as does anxiety and the weather. You can’t do much about the weather, but stress and anxiety can be greatly reduced holistically. Hope that helps. 

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handling with pain

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I’ve been in pain from moderate to exstream for about 8-10 years. With a couple months of lower moderate once in awhile. What is a way to relieve it without drugs?

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