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What's in my med.?

I take just one med, once daily-for which I'm thankful ! However, in reading info on meds coming from overseas, or containing possibly toxic ingredients, I wonder ; how can you find out where it comes from, what's really in it ? Asking the pharmacist anything probably wouldn't get an honest answer.

Maybe they don't know themselves, they don't take it, why would they care ?

Anybody out there have answers ?

Thanks all, for your input & info !  Have a nice holiday weekend !

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Hi there. I noticed your question about your medication. If you look at the bottom of your prescription bottle label, you will see your manufacturer’s company name, whether generic or brand. It is usually in all capital letters. You can then look it up on google. That will give you the origin of the company, either in the u.s., or abroad. Unfortunately many companies are outside of our country and are not well inspected and are even notified of when an inspection will happen. There was a report about this on the news.

      You should be able to get this information about your medication from a reputable pharmacist as well. If not yours, take it to another pharmacist and ask. Patients should know what they are taking!!!! Good luck. Hope I helped!

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 Hi !  In reply, I used to get this same med from another pharmacy. Being curious about it's origin, I assked the druggist. He said it came from Israel. I found a company name on the bottle, emailed them 3 times for more information. They never answered. I now use a different drug store, same med. I may try to reach the co. I think is abbreviated on the bottle, & also do as you suggested-ask more than one pharmacy about the origin of the med. A little detective work never hurt !

Thanks for your input !

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