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So What Is Wrong With People Sharing Their Vaccination Status With Those Around Them?

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So What Is Wrong With People Sharing Their Vaccination Status With Those Around Them?

I had to go to a financial institution.  There was a sign that said "Those that had been fully vaccinated need not wear a mask".  I have seen signs like this in several retail stores too.


I am fully vaccinated and have been for several months now.  When I entered, it seems everybody, modestly crowded in the teller area - employees and patrons - were wearing a mask - so I donned mine and waited for my appointment with my representative. 


I was then called into a rather large office to conduct my business with the institution official - there was a plexiglass barrier on the desk between us AND the same public notice sign was right there on the desk saying, "Those that had been fully vaccinated need not wear a mask".  -  Since I knew we were going to be there for a good while, I took off my mask and said, "I am fully vaccinated, I assume, you are too - so I will remove my mask".  


He then said to me . . . . . "We cannot discuss that . . . . "  ??????????  And he continued to wear his mask - ????  So I assumed HE and everybody else in the financial institution - employees and patrons - were NOT vaccinated.  Thank goodness, face to face is only something I have to do with rarity. 


Now today, I read an article talking about some celebrities and athletes not wanting to talk about their vaccine status - 

KHN 06/22/2021 - What It Means When Celebrities Stay Coy About Their Vaccine Status 

from the link:

Public health leaders say that people in the limelight do not have an obligation to announce or answer media questions about their vaccination status, but many add that they hoped more well-known names would become role models for getting the vaccines.


Instead, they say, the politicization of the shots, misinformation and flawed public messaging from the federal government have made the vaccines controversial and something some public figures are reluctant to endorse, which then ripples across society.


So where are we in all of this?


My state has less than a 40% vaccination rate.  Many US Counties have about the same - a little higher to somewhat lower. (see the map at this link)

Bloomberg 06/21/2021 - Delta Variant Gains Steam in Undervaccinated U.S. Counties 

The Delta Covid Variant is on the rise.  Yet, NYC and other large metros are, or are planning to be soon, opening up full throttle.


All I want to know is if somebody is in the same room with me, waiting on me or providing a service to me, or sitting closely next to me, is vaccinated - is that too much for one human to truthfully answer one another?  


Maybe those who haven't gotten vaccinated need a bit of discrimination  - shunning - maybe that is what it is gonna take to encourage everybody to get vaccinated - seems we have tried most everything else.  



So what is the next step in all of this ?  Are we gonna be shutdown again



It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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My employer encourages everyone to get vaccinated against Covid, however, the vaccination is not mandated.  Employees may voluntarily share their vaccination status (that is, which manufacturer, and what date or dates did one get the vaccine) in a private company website maintained by the Environmental Health organization.  We have been repeatedly instructed NOT to ask our co-workers about their vaccination status.  One can voluntarily share their own status (I am vaccinated) but such comments are not encouraged.   It has made it a challenge for holding in-person meetings, where the vaccination status of others in attendance cannot readily be determined.   The balance between privacy and health/safety is still being discussed.





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