Shingles Vaccine

For those who have gotten the Shingles vaccine, did you have side effects and if so, what were they? Did you you have them more after 1st shot or 2nd one?




I have had both and the first one i would say i definitely had like flu like symptoms but was only overnight.  The second shot not so much just mild ache to area and that was it

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Moderate nausea about 12 hours after the shot.. Some soreness at the injection site for a couple of days.. Haven't had the 2nd shot yet..

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1st one, no symptoms.  2nd one, soreness  for a few days around the injection site

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Sore arm after each and felt a little achy/feverish but it was over in about 24 hours - same way I feel after most vaccines whatever they are.  This is common.

After the 1st one I did get some redness and swelling around the injection site - for a day or so it itched like crazy; just used some calamine lotion- it never got any bigger and just faded away in a few days.  Did not have this after the 2nd Shingrix - nor any other vaccine I have had since.



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