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Post Covid-19 Vaccine

My wife and I got our second dose last Thursday so in two weeks we are supposed to be protected. We have relatives that are in the same circumstance as us. The confusing thing is that the CDC seems to say even after all of us have been fully vaccinated we still can't get together and resume normal activities. Logically if you believe the vaccine works like they say it does people who have had both doses should not be a danger to each other. The jury is still out whether they can still pass the virus on to those not inoculated but they shouldn't pose any risk to those that have been right?

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This is strictly my opinion, Okay?


Listening to the Parkinson/Covid-19 tape at this site last night, I heard something disturbing.

I misunderstood the role of the vaccine.  According to the speaker, the vaccine essentially strengthens our defenses for when we contract the virus.  And the idea, "for when we contract..." got my attention.  I was stupid enough to think the vaccine would protect me from getting Covid-19.  


I'm old and just gotten my second shot and instead of wearing armor, I'm carrying a virus-sized baby carriage for if or  when the virus says,"Hi."  This is not cool.  Yes, its better than before, because hopefully the virus will be attacked by my up-graded (with some new antigens - I think they're called - specifically oriented to playing nasty with the virus) immune response.  That's good...sort of.


Supposedly they are saying on TV it tends to keep the disease from progressing to severe or critical...that's good.  But unless I'm really careful, I have a decent chance of catching the virus.  Further, since I might have it, I could be asymptomatic and unwittingly sharing it with everyone I meet.


So unless I'm prepared to take my mask and isolate in a cave eating expired "eat-by" canned food, I'll have to come up with plan B


But now this brings into play another problem..."Long Haulers' Syndrome."  

First a quick look at Covid-19, etc.

Note: an important little understanding AGE is a SIGNIFICANT FACTOR!  Younger is better, older is...well on my next birthday (which is not that far away) I will be 2800 times more likely to die from Covid-19 than a 17 yr old. (Based on CDC chart cited below)

The disease starts as a viral infection.  Supposedly followed by flu-like symptoms.  For some (usually younger) mild, or others a "tough ride."  But, it's not this stage of the disease that normally causes morbidity and/or death.  The virus triggers your immune system to over-react.  This is where it gets scary - some call it the immunological stage.  The fabled "cytokine storm" but it's essentially your body's defenses being directed AT you in spades!

This is what puts people in the hospital or the ground or there's a third category as well.  Those are the people that have "recovered."  Normal testing does not detect the virus any longer.  Now here things get weird.


Of the "recovered" some will be just fine (again age is a contributing factor) but some will manifest "symptoms."  It's a wide range of symptoms, and different people have different sets of symptoms - that's right - you can have more than one at a time.  They can be immediate in their presentation or delayed and the severity can differ as well.  The symptoms or in some cases results can be brief or permanent.

How many people end up with this?  Estimates range from 10-30% but we don't really know.

These are the Long Haulers.  I read some of their accounts of what they're going through and it's even hard to read.  ...And only now it is finally getting some recognition.  These people have, in many cases, tried all kinds of things as have their doctors and both are frustrated.


I don't want to be a long hauler.  The best thing you can do is NOT catch this thing!!!

The parties might be starting, but when you look at the maskless clustered crowd, adjust the focus and you'll see only fools.


Like I opinion



Reference: The Parkinson/Covid-19 I referred to:


Influence due to age on death and hospitalization

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Well, now coming across conflicting data


This was from a newsletter "Medical News Today." March 16, 2021

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) - reassurance that Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines offer "a high degree of protection against asymptomatic infection."


They tested 48,333 subjects without Covid symptoms over about a two month period (these people were tested prior to either a medical or surgical procedure).

3,006 people who had been vaccinated were tested - only 42 (1.4%) were Covid Positive

45,327 people NOT vaccinated were tested - 1,436 (3.2%) were Covid positive


So my interpretation - Being vaccinated looks like it cut your chance of be asymptomatic by a litle more that half ) 56% less likely.


Their interpretation (and they're the "Pros") say 80% less likely (they supposedly accounted for other factors like age, sex, and race/ethnicity)


In any case - While the vaccination doesn't mean No Chance of being Asymptomatic (having the disease but not manifesting symptoms), it does reduce your chances by more than half (me), by 80% (them)


That's a lot more encouraging than what the Doctor in the other conference said!  As time goes by we'll hear more but the variants may change some of the outcomes...we'll have to follow this.  If you're in AARP you're a bit older than the average citizen.  If you're vaccinated that's good, but it's not a set of "perfect armor" you still (my opinion) should err on the side of caution...and here's why...a little chart put out by the CDC. (

I tried to insert the chart here, but I guess it's not possible.  The Chart shows your chances of hospitalization and/or death compared to a 5-17 yr old.  Right now if I contract Covid 19 I am 1100x more likely to die than a 17 yr old. (not very reassuring, LOL).  But that's not too bad, because nine months from now my birthday present is the increased possibility that if I catch Covid 19,  I'll be 2800x more likely to die from it than a 17 yr old.  Whooppee!!


So the bottom line is (at least for me) to stay safe - I'm going to maintain the practices that have gotten us through this tragic year.


Stay safe my fellow AARP'ers

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Community Manager

I'm glad you and your wife have gotten your second doses! This is CDC guidance because, like you said, the jury is still out on if you can be an asymptomatic carrier and spread the virus once vaccinated and because they are still determining how the virus is spreading in communities.


I wonder if it also has to do with human behavior - lots of us aren't yet vaccinated and if people that are were able to gather and resume normal activities, it would likely negatively impact others and their actions as they wait to be vaccinated.

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