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Re: Pain After Knee Surgery

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Hi,I had partial knee surgery on my right knee in '04.I'm curious did your doctor of therapist give you any exercises to do for your knee?

I'm a life time walker,after I had my knee done,my therapist gave me exercises to do.Every morning since the surgery when I get out of bed,its part of my daily routine doing them. Sometimes if my knee is a bit stiff,I'll wrap ice pack around it and elevate it for 20min or so. I hope this helps you Sue

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Pain After Knee Surgery

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Hi, I have had both knees replaced. The right one is 10 years old and is perfect. The left one, however, is screaming out for help.  This one is 6 years old. The past few months, very time I straighten my leg it makes noise & actually hurts. It feels like something is getting caught. It's really bad when I rise from a chair or sofa. 

Has anyone else had this problem. My doctor says that the noises are normal, but I haven't seen him since it had started to "hurt".

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