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Mimi, I am sorry you are having this pain and not getting relief. Do you have any family that can help you to get what you need? Have you talked to your doctor the way you explained your situation in your post? Because of an illness of my friend, I hunted a lot of resources in my area. One book that I found at the local library was free to take and it had a listing of resources. It was called, "All about Seniors." Perhaps your library may have something like this. You may be able to call your local Social Services to ask if they can make recommendations. I hope that you get the needed, right treatment.

It can be scary facing senior years with a situation that is constant pain. I hope you are able to find a resource to get help.

If your doctor is saying you should fight through the pain, maybe he can get you to a pain management clinic. Some doctors while being good are just not right for certain situations. I don't know if you are able to change or see someone else for another opinion.

Please update your situation later. Also, perhaps someone else here has more ideas for you.

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This is a great topic and thank you for bringing it up. I am so very sorry you have this pain.


I have constant pain in my left leg and sometimes shoulder area.


I have never taken presciption meds as I was cocaine person in the 70s so easily addicted.


So wonder, how do we, the newest gen of "old" people grow old without unnecessary but with helpful meds?

Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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I have severe degeneration of the spine with 24 hour pain and little relief.  Although I have never supported drug use in the past I would welcome some relief .....or death.  Doctors will not prescribe pain mediction stonger than Tylonal.   I would like releif.... any kind of releif  even death  but legal assisted suicide is not allowed.

So I wonder how many  people out there are caught in the same trap I am in, twenty four hour pain?   I'm in my late 80's but I may still be here for a while.  My 40 year old Doctor told me to "fight though the pain.... like I was a football player with a sprained ankle.  Isn't it  cruel to allow people  to suffer  If my dog were in pain I would find  him a medication stronger than Tylonal.  






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