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Re: How many people have gotten sick this winter?

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I haven't had the flu or a cold in about a decade.  I have gotten 2 particularly nasty sinus infections in that time, both times from hiking in the fall during high winds. I gather the air was particularly dusty, as I'm allergic to dust.


I make a saline spray; used 4 or so times a day generally fixes me right up. If post nasal drip starts to make my throat raw, I eat oranges to knock the gunk out of there and take a spoonful of honey to coat the irritated tissue.


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Re: How many people have gotten sick this winter?

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No cold (yet) but stomach flu over the last holiday weekend, I think (bed to bathroom to be to bathroom repeat).


That I think I can attribute to event the Thursday before when I came into contact with many people physically, which I don't usually do (e.g., hugs, handshakes).


Routine for me is the anti-bacterial tissues, don't touch doors with hands (try to use the sleve of my hoodie), wipes for grocery carts if I don't have time for #ClickList and have to actually shop.


Even in the office, I have a second mouse and keyboard if I need someone's assistance, and then wipe those down. No, not a germaphobe, just know a cold can take me down at my age...


Feel better, Teri!




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How many people have gotten sick this winter?

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I am just experiencing my first cold after the temperature dropped 30 degrees almost overnight.  While it is minor, I wondered are there more colds and flus this year?  Have you had one?  Share here just for the fun and tell us what helped.  


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