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Re: Hearing aids & hearing aid dealers

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Thanks, Gail1 for your input. I've worn a hearing aid for years, BTE type, & it is frustrating at times. Never had the problems with molds though, as i do now. Could be age changes that . Wax doesn't seem to be a problem. The audiologist is certified. Right now, I'm waiting for the new mold. I'm aware the ear changes, & new molds are required sooner or later. I have a case with dri-aid packets in it to keep the aid in overnight. Years ago, I was advised to always keep the aid in this case overnight. Lately, they say no need, unless I've been out in very warm weather which could cause build-up of moisture in the aid or tubing. I now think the advice from years ago was the best advice ! Think I'll go with that. Have a good summer !  Woman Very Happy


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Re: Hearing aids & hearing aid dealers

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I hope that you bought your new aid with the help of a board certified audiologist.

There are many different kinds - ASHA - Styles of Hearing Aids


My late mother for the majority of her life wore a BTE type - she used several different brands.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) aids

If this is the type that you have, the mold does have to be changed periodically, especially the soft type. In my experience with my mother's aids, the mold or the ear area where the mold fits changed with time and the fit got looser with time because she was trying to get the tightest seal when placed in the ear.   The molds were replaced every 18 months to 2 years, more often as she got older.


I never thought the hard molds worked that well after a little time because the ear canal actually expanded or changed shape from just putting the aid in as tight as could be.


On this type of aid and perhaps the one you have, the soft molds are made from an ear canal casting -  then the audiologist makes any adjustments or remakes it if for some reason if the casting was off.


Another problem if you have the type with tiny tubes is that this tubing accumulates moisture which will affect the hearing capibilities.  The tiniest bit of moisture will clog it up because these tubes are so small.


Another problem might be the build up of ear wax in the ear.  This too will cause problems with the aid's performance.


An audilogist should be able to determine what the cause or causes might be.

It could also be the actual aid - hope you got a warranty.  Again, an audiologist can determine the problem and should be able to remedy it.


My mother had several because when one was being repaired, she had to have another.


Do you have setting on it?  On / Off - Telephone frequency mode?  If so,  make sure it is set to the proper function.


The feedback just means that the seal is not perfect and that could be the result of many of those things I described above.  With my mother, the older she got and the more she kept trying to stuff the mold in deeper and deeper, the more often I had to take it and her in for some correction.


If you have the little tube type (BTE), I found keeping the aid on a table under a low watt bulb lamp overnight kept moisture from building up too bad.  However, It got to the point that the audiologist just showed me how to change the little tubes out.


Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be.


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Hearing aids & hearing aid dealers

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  Last year I bought a new hearing aid. I kept using an older  ear mold for awhile, but then had a new mold made by a different co. It didn't fit well-it was sent back to be 'altered'.

Then it was too loose. I contacted them,was told  it 'wasn't their policy to alter a mold-they made a new one'. They sounded as though they didn't believe me, & requested the model number, which I sent.

After waiting 2 weeks without hearing back, I called again and got an appt. to come in to their nearest office. That office turned out to be closed-had been for 3 months. Back home, I called, was asked why I hadn't kept my appt. I asked why i'd been sent to a closed office. They said they hadn't closed, just moved. Was given an appt. at the new location where i was told by the audiologist 'it wasn't the mold causing a problem, it was the hearing aid'. Back to the audiologist I bought the aid from ! Nothing wrong with the aid-it was certainly the mold. I have another mold now &  guess what ! This one is being replaced also-too much feedback ! At least insurance is paying for this one . What goes on here ?

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