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Re: Hearing Loss and the Holidays

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I started wearing an ITE (in the ear) when I was 30.  I took Mother out to eat, and her and my kids to my sister's family including inlaws, maybe 35 or more people including plenty of babies for Thanksgiving.  I had no trouble hearing anyone as needed.  But then my loss was still in the 40dB area.  Too many people wait forever maybe because they never check if their insurance will help with the cost.  Also, GECC aka CareCredit has a nice payment plan and often interest free.  In fact, when I got two BTE (behind the ear), I made ALL the payments while living on Florida's lousy unemployment.

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Hearing Loss and the Holidays

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The Holidays are usually a time when you notice family members, or even yourself, struggling to hear things.   There are many signs and symptoms that appear such as not being able to hear well in a crowded room or restaurant, having trouble hearing children and women, keeping the television or radio turned up to a high volume, needing to ask family and friends to repeat what they're saying, or experiencing any ringing in the ears are all signs and symptoms.  


Have you had to address this with a family member?  What strategies can you share?


What are the right words you can use to help them get tested?  Share what worked for you.




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