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Hearing Aid Question

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Hi! I'm a 68 year old male. I've had my hearing tested annually by an audiologist for some years now. About 18 months ago, she felt the hearing in my left ear had deteriorated enough that a hearing aid would be helpful. So I got a ReSound model for about $2,200 which my health insurance paid for.

I wore it consistently for about 6 months, and inconsistently since. My problem is that I don't feel I hear any better with it than without it. I don't feel it makes voices any louder, or that it makes voices any clearer, or that it helps me hear better in loud places like restaurants or social gatherings. I do notice other things like clicking shoes on tile floors, running water, etc. My brother got a hearing aid about a year ago, and he says he can tell he hears better with his hearing aid. 

I have been back to the audiologist twice, and both times she made some adjustments, and said that the hearing improvement with the hearing aid is subtle, so I may not notice the difference.

There's a crusty side of me that realizes that there are eye tests which show the specific difference in sight with and without glasses both obviously and immediately, and I wonder why there is no such thing for testing hearing. Or is there?

Any assistance from hearing specialists or hearing aid wearers who have had a similar situation would be appreciated. Thanks.   -P.F.

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