Have a traumatic brain injury.......

That happened in 2014 playing golf freak accident and wake forest saved life! This is what is going on now it's almost been a year (doesn't feel it) 14 year separation love of life hurt like heck. I was staying at Hilton garden inn yes this piece of trash moved in my home , I walked to gas station to save a buck on way back didn't see road WARPED I go and Trip right in middle bust lip Chip tooth kneecap goes CRUNCH (start crying not because pain HUGE wrench n plans ) Had to crawl my way to mediun NEEDLESS TO SAY shattered 2 pins surgery found the apartment day before surgery Thank God! I need help w/ trash 15stairs second floor boxes pilling up maybe haircut and dye have the dye just someone who knows what they are doing please and thank you 

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