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Has anyone had Bell Palsy and how are you progressing after 8 months ? Progress?



My Community,

Just touching bases with all of you. I realize that “Life” comes at us in all kinds of ways. Yet, we “Boomers” do not give up. After losing my husband of 44 yrs,

Retiring as an Educator of 30 years, having a severe fall and ending up with

a Posterial Laminectomy with 7 1/2 hours of Surgery, escaped “Virus”so far,

then Bells Palsy hits me. My first time of having this. No one in my Family 

has had this health condition.Then I must look to my Faith, and my Family.

It is good to know that Friends are so supportive. I am looking to be 100 %

well soon. I follow all Doctors orders and still look forward to those Trips which

I missed after Retiring. I will be glad when Restrictions are lifted everywhere.


So, Community hang in there!  This too will pass. Keep a Smile on your face for

each day. Just be thankful to be alive! That’s what I do.


Take Care Community! Share your experiences if you have had Bell Palsy. 







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Community Manager

Hi @sunday46! Glad to hear you are remaining hopeful during what I imagine has been a tough time. My friend has BP and some days are better than others for her. Sending you good thoughts and healing vibes 💜

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Hey there, yes I had Bells Palsy about 2 years ago. I went to the doctor and he thought I had a stroke but after careful examination it was diagnosed as BP. One side of your face goes numb, eyelids droop and smiling is difficult. It feels pretty weird, kind of like novocain. It went away after about a month and no problems since. Hope this helps.

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