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Re: Diverticulitis

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OMG - yes! 


Fluoridation chemicals added to water supplies are inflammatory. When food is grown in, washed in or prepared in fluoridated water they absorb the chemical and can prompt an inflammatory response. Most filters are ineffective, and even the best aren't as reliable as the manufacturer claims. Inflammatory gastrointestinal conditions are the first symptom of and part of the diagnosis for fluoride intolerance. Many dentists now oppose any use of fluoride given evidence of harm to people and planet.


I had 31 years of IBS and 23 years of arthritis - gone in less than two weeks of total avoidance. I even use no-low fluoride spring water to brush my teeth. My painfully dry gums and allergic cough also disappeared overnight. I gave up drug store dental products decades ago because they irritated my mouth. Fluoride from water is hard to avoid, for heavens sake any food is suspect, even sorbet ice cream, corn on the cob and salads! 


Get political - tell your politicians and AARP that fluoridation is harmful to health of people of all ages. 


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I was diagnosed with this disease in 2014, it did affect my colon I did as prescribed with a high fiber diet, then a month ago I had my first flair up very painful, had to try to change the diet to low fiber and stool softeners daily. The comical part was the pain was very near my arthuritis pain I ran to the Dr but he says eat salads I hesitate for fresh veggies have always affected my intestines. Any opinions out there I would really appreciate them.

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