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DES Info: DES (Diethylstilbestrol) dosages for mothers - Smith & Smith Regimen

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DES Info: DES (Diethylstilbestrol) dosages for mothers - Smith & Smith Regimen

DES Info: DES dosages for mothers
The Smith and Smith Regimen for DES - 1953 Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) Doctors George and Olive Smith:
The Smith and Smith Regime (Physicians from Harvard) advised the following regime for oral administration of DES:
Weeks of Pregnancy from first day of last menstrual period
Daily Dose
7th & 8th week 5 mg
9th & 10th week 10 mg
11th & 12th week 15 mg
13th & 14th week 20 mg
15th week 25 mg
16th week 30 mg
17th week 35 mg
18th week 40 mg
19th week 45 mg
20th week 50 mg
21st week 55 mg
22nd week 60 mg
23rd week 65 mg
24th week 70 mg
25th week 75 mg
26th week 80 mg
27th week 85 mg
28th week 90 mg
29th week 95 mg
30th week 100 mg
31st week 105 mg
32nd week 110 mg
33rd week 114 mg
34th week 120 mg
35th week 125 mg
The DES Exposed are still awaiting an apology for this medical disaster!
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