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DES Info: A DES Daughter shares her story

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DES Info: A DES Daughter shares her story

I’m a DES Daughter born in 1955, I found out after my 2nd miscarriage at 19. My mom asked me to follow her to her bedroom and asked me to open the top drawer and get the paper out and read it. The first sentence was “prescript DES and the dosage to be taken daily.”; I was reading her medical records that the doctor told mom to keep until I was an adult.


My mom at taken DES within just 7 days of missing her cycle, because she had lost 2 babies before me. I can’t explain the drop of my heart and the fear that came with knowing it had been on the news and a Lou Grant show. Doctor had told her that if she was 7 days late to come and see her, “there’s a magic pill”. Fast forward a couple years mom was pregnant again and asked the doc to give her DES, he refused.


I found out I had my first PAP at 10, the doctor asked her to bring me in and I was put to sleep for it. My mom, when I was a child, drove me crazy. She always required “the talk” after school until 8th grade.


In my10th grade, she asked me if I was gay, nope I wasn’t but didn’t have a boyfriend. I had my IQ tested in 3rd grade and have no clue as to why and why my sister did too. We had a strange relationship from the time I remember, then it became angrier after I found out.


The next weekend, mom took me to lunch to talk about DES and my future. She told me that they would pay the bills if I got pregnant but I shouldn’t wait! My mom pushed to make sure I had my PAPs on time, she paid for some until I started going to Plan Parenthood, yes, that where I got my screenings and they were great.


Over the years, I lost 5 babies, and had one born 2 months early.


My heath was good until I hit 18, then everything went South.


I’ve had heart issues, always breaking bones since the age of 4, thyroid, GI, very near sighted and several autoimmune diseases including Lupus. I have had problems with DVT’s (blood clots) and I can’t ever remember joint not hurting, just didn’t say anything.


I’m 64 and the hits keep hitting, my health has gotten worse the older I get; so tired of hearing the word “Cancer”. I did have CCA cancer. Just in the last 18 months, I was told “you need some tests, looks like it’s cancer”; pancreas, bladder, GI, and lung were evaluated and so far lucky further test I’m clear. I’m full of tumors and precancerous cells. The fear of one turning on me.


I am worried about my grandchildren and son. I remember thinking sons didn’t get hurt, I was wrong. I’m mad I was told it stopped with me but we now know better. My son gets angry when I mention it, so I’ve seen both sides of that coin.


I feel like I am a ticking time bomb!Slide1.JPG




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