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DES Info: A DES Daughter ’s Question ……

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DES Info: A DES Daughter ’s Question ……


I was born in 1953. I believe that my mother was prescribed DES; at least I remember her telling me that. I’ve suffered from fibroid tumors, endometriosis and miscarriage.


I had fertility problems and had to see a specialist. I had a rare autoimmune illness shortly after the birth of my daughter. I have one daughter, age 29.


I had a very difficult pregnancy, threatening miscarriage from an incompetent cervix. My daughter also had a troubled pregnancy.


Do you know of the best course to take to try and find out if my mother was indeed prescribed DES?


A:  The best way is to locate your mother’s delivery record and/or your birth records.  Unfortunately, these are very difficult to obtain.  You symptoms indicate potential DES Exposure.  Make sure that you tell your doctors of your exposure and they can code your medical record as a DES Daughter




Karen M. Fernandes
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