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Cute Face Masks

More than 30 states now mandate face-coverings 😷 Does anyone have recommendations for cute/unique  face masks? Or have you been getting crafty and putting your own spin on your face-coverings? I enjoy thinking of and wearing my mask like an additional accessory. I've been matching my outfit and other accessories to my masks. This one matches my sunglasses, and it's my favorite color!


Mask Selfie Purple.jpg


I want to see your mask selfies! Share a photo of you rocking your face-covering💜


Here is my mask. I love my team! 



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Is that a bandana?  Bandanas may be worse than no mask at all.



You are getting sleepy.
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I heard that about bandanas too @aruzinsky. The mask I'm wearing is not a bandana. It's homemade with two layers of cotton, and it functions like a surgical mask (with the pleats).


I always enjoy a Dilbert comic 😆 that's quality content!


Where's your mask selfie? I want to see y'all rocking your masks! 😷

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