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Re: Comprehensive Care When Using Contact Lenses

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I got out of the habit of wearing contacts a few years ago when we were one mile outside the evac line for a major forest fire and the air was thick with smoke. I still have about 8 months of the things onhand. I've been thinking about using them up, but glasses, which I once found a bother, have become old hand. Smiley Happy Funny how perspectives shift, isn't it?


Anyway, yeah, I guess I'll put cleaning solution on the shopping list so I can use these up. Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing your research with us.


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Comprehensive Care When Using Contact Lenses

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Each day, more and more people find they have a need to wear glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. However, glasses can at times be a nuisance, thus, many prefer to use contact lenses. I myself wear glasses, I tried contacts but just couldn’t get them in or focused when in.


Therefore, I read up on the causes and even though we see a variety of different advancements made in lens design and materials used, some people just can’t wear them. Contact lenses allow individuals to wear different lens types without hassles or issues and we are thankful for the rapid advancements in technology, as there is a wide selection of contact lenses available.


It’s an alternative, which is quite excellent to wearing eyeglasses. However, the choice would depend on each person’s preference. Some may prefer to wear eyeglasses where others only want contact lenses. Every person is different, and so are their choices. There are also many who wear glasses but when they play a sport or are active, prefer contacts, or with a special occasion. Hence, it offers flexibility to everyone and their lifestyle preferences.


So, for those that are finding it difficult, here are some things to consider if looking at contact lenses.


Maintenance and replacement requirements


All contact lenses come with a recommended frequency of wearing, such as the disposable daily type that would only be used a single time. Generally, you would place them in your eyes when you get up and discarded them at night before bedtime. This can be very effective for preventing complications related to contact lenses. Plus, it gives optimum maintenance for your eye health, safety, and protection.


Other specific considerations or eyes that is difficult


Although contact lenses can be an option that is very effective for correcting vision, there might still be problems with a person’s eyes that could contradict wearing them. Certain Problems such as active infections of the eyes, recurring allergies in your eyes, dry eyes, or keratoconus, might be managed better using different optical devices or eyeglasses instead. Anyone that may be in contact with water or dust on a continues basis should also look at different alternatives which can be beneficial for their eyes. Contact lenses and water or dust does not go so well together.


Concerning your specific lifestyle


Most of the time, when people prefer to wear contact lenses, it is due to the adaptability it offers various lifestyles. Contact lenses can provide a visual field that offers wider coverage while giving you a normal appearance as well. It’s also possible to get different tints in lenses, which means you may experiment each day with a different color for your eyes.


Your visual health currently


It’s recommended to first go for a comprehensive exam of the eyes. This is vital prior to getting contact lenses. Such an exam might include retinoscopy, visual acuity, and refraction tests. These are done to look for specific refractive errors or problem, as well as to establish to what degree your degeneration severity may be. It would help the eye doctor to select the appropriate lenses, material, and type, as they need to suit your needs for eye care.


It is said that wearing contact lenses these days are much healthier, comfortable, and convenient. Their designs, including astigmatic and bifocal soft lenses, can provide a more natural experience for many people.


With so many choices and options, it’s important to first consult your eye doctor to ensure you get the ones that will be best for your eyes. Due to the fact that lenses directly interact with the delicate tissue of the eye, you should schedule annual eye exams. This will assist your doctor in detecting any problems prior to them developing into serious conditions, protecting your vision and eye health.


I hope this will help others as it did me and feel free to share your tips as well.

You may also want to look at these pages as I found the information quite helpful.


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