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Bell Palsy?



Hello My Community, 

I hope you are taking care of yourselves. Staying at home as much as possible 

to prevent Coronavirus. It does not hurt to protect Others and yourself. I have 

only had to go outside to go to the Emergency Room in four months. I get my 

Mail, little sun and check my Raised garden. It is really growing and I expect to

eat Fresh Vegetables soon.


Now Community, if anyone has had Bell Paisley let me know your experience.

It  hit me in one side of my face and I never knew why neither could the Doctor

explain. I had two (2) CT scans, EKG, Blood work, Chest X-ray, and 7 hrs. in the Emergency Room. Have 3 meds. and taking Exercises. Will see Internist,

ENT and perhaps Neurologist soon.


Gotten lots of Information from Doc and Medical Websites.


Thanks Community and Take Care!



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Hi Sunday 46. Hope all is well. Kudos on your garden. May you have a bountiful harvest. My mom had bell palsy 3 yrs ago. She got it after being out in the heat of the day and walked into the house while the ac was on. Took her about 6-9 weeks before her face muscles went back to normal. She too was prescribe some medication but she just used a lil bit of mineral ice cream and it helped her out. Hope you get well soon.

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