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Attention: Tinnitus Sufferers

Just something that I have thought about for a while - in fact, I have kept a log for a good while on this [personal] phenomenon with my Tinnitus. 

I would like to just ask if any of you have something similar.


Does the barometric pressure affect your tinnitus?  

It does mine - the loudness, the headache in just one spot. 

The lower the pressure, the worse it gets. 


Thanks in Advance



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Chalk one up for serendipity @GailL1.  Last week when I first read this post I was busy with an on-again, off-again project to transfer my vinyl music collection to MP3, was more aware than usual of Tinny and had noticed that it seemed to have ebbed in intensity.  I had also just watched the local weather report.  The forecast said that we were currently under the influence of a high pressure system, but should expect a couple of low pressure systems over the next week. I figured WTH.

For the past week, while processing vinyl in the morning I have also periodically taken note of Tinny's volume and pitch, then checked the local barometric pressure (noted Tinny's characteristics before checking the pressure to offset observer bias).  For what it's worth, noticed an increase in volume, no change in pitch as the pressure dropped.  The Barometer has, however, now been rising again for about a day and a half and the volume, while slightly lower is not as low as last Sunday.  The Pressure was 30.92 when I started, got as low as 29.92 and is currently 30.26.  I actually spent very little time on this so the write-up probably sounds more impressive than the effort it took.

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yes it does--can always tell when a low pressure front is coming by the changes in the pitch of my ringing


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