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Anyone else tired of being tired?

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Anyone else tired of being tired?

I have chronic back pain, so for that reason most of the time I remain seated. As long as I am seated, I have no pain. But once I am up and moving around the house I become winded and I have back pain. Just going from one room to another gets me breathing hard.


I go to Physical Therapy twice a week and it is helping to build my core strength. I am lazy and I know it, but I am thinking about returning to the gym now that the city is low on covid cases.


I am also going to start taking a Premier Protein drink daily to boost my protein intake.

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Hi @Joanotx 

Thanks for your topic. I have severe pain from a combination of health issues & try as many types of solutions as feasible. At least talk to a doctor about this, as there are many possible causes of your symptoms & therefore its important to find out what’s the main culprit….hopefully your doc might recommend some tests …such as strength, stamina, cardio, & blood tests etc…also try to be as specific as possible about your pain…like the exact location, type of pain (sharp vs dull vs burning, etc), duration of pain etc. would help a diagnosis.

In addition, some stretching exercises, like yoga….or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxer meds, may be of help. BTW: I’m always doing a little research for alternative solutions as well, like this:

Hopefully you’ll feel better soon. Take care ~Allen

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