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Anti-aging Products Don’t Work This Well

I wanted to share this ad that popped up. You can tell by the shadows on the face and neck and the edges of the clothing that the “after” pic is a retouched version of the “before” pic. They didn’t even bother to use two different photos. It is too bad that people fall for this approach and waste their money. 



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I'm glad you brought this up! What is wrong with aging? I still shake my head in wonder when some of the #dotard or K followers dwell on aging; again, what is wrong with aging?



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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Hi @DirkB349973

Oh darn....I so hoped that it would work....LOL 😄

Thanks for the stupid peeps!Thanks for the stupid peeps!


Thanks for the laugh!

Thanks for the stupid peeps!


Take care ☮️ ~Allen 🌈 PEACE!


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LOL! 😊😊

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