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Re: All is well!

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Dear Sunday46,
I'm happy to hear all is well!
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All is well!

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Hello Community,

just wanted to Thank those of you who were concerned with my issue about my eyes.  Some good suggestions however, I used the wrong type of name for

my eye Doctor. He is an Ophthalmologist and one of the top Surgeons in

our city. I just wrote the wrong name.


I went to my Eye Doctor and it isn't the print or dark page background.  I have 

a small cataract and will have that taken care of after I am fully recovered from

the Laminectomy.  My Doctor told me not to worry and this will be monitored.


What a relief when one put trust in God and Doctors.  After all Doctors do the cuttings,but they can not do the Healing.


Waiting now to take a well deserved Vacation perhaps in the Fall.

Hope each of you are enjoying the Summer Days and joyous Vacations.  I will

be on my Adventure as soon as my Recovery is completed.


Again, thanks to each of you who E-Mailed me . It was greatly appreciated!


Smile! Smile!  It's only Summer.



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