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Re: Trouble With AARP.ORG Website

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What web browser are you using?


Apple's Safari will NOT work with AARP's web site. Different people have different problems with AARP's web site using Safari. My problem is that AARP's web site won't recognize that I am signed in when I attempt to use Safari.


Try using Firefox as your web browser and see if that makes a difference with your issue.

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Trouble With AARP.ORG Website

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I have been trying for weeks now to change my log on email address on "my profile" page.  When prompted I enter the new address.  An email is sent to the new address with a verification link to click on.  Every time I click on the link I get an error that says there's a problem with the page and to try again in a few minutes.  I have called the service desk about the problem.  A nice gentleman took me through a very detailed and long process to change both the address and password.  It seemed to work but when I tried to log on the next day both had reverted back to the original.  It's been weeks now and nothing has changed!  I still am getting the error message on the verification page as well!  Is anyone else having this problem?  At this point AARP seems unable to fix it.

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