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Re: Old Media into Digital Media?

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I have hundreds of slides to be converted. Many taken by my dad, some taken by me decades ago. I'm just going to have a service put them on DVD's. A good slide converter is fairly expensive, and this will be a one off. 

Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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Re: Old Media into Digital Media?

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Shortly after retirement I scanned all my old pictures that I did not have on disk or digital. I also changed my old 8mm movies over to digital.


A few months back I bought a new turntable (Teac TN-100) and have converted a few LP's to digital using the software Audacity.

Since LP's are making a comeback I probably will not do all of mine. I do have a lot of 45's that I hope to do over the winter months.

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Re: Old Media into Digital Media?

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Photos can be easily scanned into your computer.  You can also have  most camera shops do it, or the photo department of a drugstore.  Unfprtunately, it's not that way with analog media sych as music ot video.  Video required you get the proper software and input device to do it, and then you must record them into the computer in real-time.


I'm a weekend DJ at a local FM station and I have been recording all my (1000+) old LPs into the computer in real-time (an enjoyable task) which allows me to bring them to the studio on a hard drive.  It's always good to have all the music available when someone calls in a request.  There's more work than that to break the album into individual tracks but you get the point.


But if you don't have time to sit and watch the movie or hear the record you can set it up to record and just leave and come back a few minutes before it's done.  Movies and record usually have total running time on the label so if a record takes, for example,  22 minutes a side just start the recording and come back 21 minutes later and finish up.

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Re: Old Media into Digital Media?

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I started converting old video tapes to digital, but I have so many that I eventually stopped.  It takes quite a bit of time as you have to watch the tape as its being converted to turn it off when finished. I couldn't remember all of the content on a tape, so I would have to watch it first to see whether it was worth converting, then start over to convert it!

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Old Media into Digital Media?

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Have you moved your old photo albums, and tapes into digital form?  Even the audio , like those cassette tapes, would be nice to put into digital , and easy to store form. 


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