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Re: How to resize a photo

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Try Microsoft Picture Manager that comes with the MS Office suite 2003 through 2010.  It isn't offered with Office 2013.

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Re: How to resize a photo

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I use a free utility for my windows computer. It is call "Image resizer for windows". Google it to find a download link.

Once you run it, it integrates with the windows explorer. Right click an image file, it will give options for 3 sizes, small, medium and large. Or you can use a custom option that let you resize to pixels, centimeters, inches or percent of the original.

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Re: How to resize a photo

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Thanks, @AARPTeri for posting this. Quite helpful. 


I like this free online tool: I only use the multiple pic feature, even if I have one photo to resize, because the mutiple pic feature workes better and faster.



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How to resize a photo

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This is a question that is often asked, so hopefully this will help users.  Do you have more to add or recommend?  We welcome your replies the more tips the better!


Here are some of the top ways to resize your photos.

  1. PaintWindows 7 and higher only
  2. Pic ResizeFree online photo resize
  3. PicMonkeyFree online photo resize


You can only do this if you have a Windows 7 or higher OS on your computer. Paint is a simple art program that has come free on Windows machines for a long time. Windows 7 gave Paint a huge update giving it more features. One feature was image resizing. Follow the steps below to resize your image using Paint.

  1. Open up Paintfrom the Start Menu
  2. Click the File Drop down button
  3. Click Openand open up your photo
  4. Make sure the Home tabis clicked, go to the Image section and click Resize
  5. Make sure Pixelis selected. Enter in your width into Horizontal. MAKE SURE "Maintain Aspect Ratio" IS CHECKED- this will automatically give you’re your proportionate height.


  1. Click Okand save your image (Save to save over it, or Save As to save it as a new file)
  2. Recommended file format to save in: JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF (gifs are low resolution, JPEGs are much more recommended)

Pic Resize

Don’t have Photoshop and not planning to purchase it? Have a Windows XP machine or lower so Paint is not an option? Or perhaps you would like something easier? Pic Resize is a FREE online image resizer that does not require you to download it.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Browseand find the photo you want to resize. Then click Continue
  3. Go down to Section 2: Resize Your Picture
  4. Click the drop downwhere it says "Make my Picture" and choose Custom Size...
  5. Make sure the drop down next to Width is Pixelsand input your Width. Leave Height


  1. Go down to Section 4: Save As
  2. Recommended image formats: JPG (Quality: Better), PNG, GIF
  3. Click I’m done! Resize my Picture!
  4. Click the Save to Diskbutton to save your new resized image. (You only have 20 minutes to save it, Pic Resize does not store resized photos)



Looking for something simple like Pic Resize but looking to edit your image further? Try out PicMonkey. This gives you an array of features to edit your image all while being free (advance editing requires a pay account, however basic and many features are free and require no account). Check out PicMonkey’s many tutorials.



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