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Re: Do you comparison shop for cable and internet?

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Heck, yes !  Woman Sad What a pain. We've had Charter, or Spectrum as they call themselves now

for years. Rates keep rising, and all they offer ( on Basic ) is the same old re-runs. We've called them several times a year to see if they'll offer a lower price or else. Once, they said we'd been 'over charged' for the phone service, so that was lowered a little bit. Still too spendy. As we hear it, Direct t.v is unavailable in bad weather. Suppose Dish is the same thing ? An antenna would bring in channels from about 50 miles away; that's it. We're too far away from the Twin Cities to get their service. What's left ?


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Re: Do you comparison shop for cable and internet?

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I have Spectrum as my cable provider. I have had cable service for many years. My download speed stays around 70 Mbps and upload around six Mbps. I also have Netflix, Amazon prime, and Crackle.

Crackle is owned by Sony and My new 4K TV is a Sony.


I get mail often from Century Link, my home phone service  provider, offering 10 Mbps. The other day I received a call from them claiming if I bundled phone and internet they could give me 100 Mbps, however when I have visited their website and entered my zip code it too shows only 10 Mbps in my area. With all that I have on my home network 10 Mbps would not work for me.


I also get mail offers from  Dish and Satellite services but I don't want them.

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Re: Do you comparison shop for cable and internet?

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With my broadband cable I receive landline phone, internet and TV connections.

In my area there is only one Cable Company so I guess you could say they have a monopoly. I personally don’t use any paid internet streaming services what programs I get with my broadband cable is more than enough as long as it includes AARP Live on RFD-TV too.

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Re: Do you comparison shop for cable and internet?

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Out here in Boondockopolis our choices are limited, but yes, I do regularly check to see if there's any competition for our Internet Service Provider. So far the competition looks weak. But hey, they may win our business yet. Smiley Happy


We don't have cable. We use Hulu and Netflix. On rare occasion we use Apple TV.  Most everyone else out here has Direct TV. 



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Do you comparison shop for cable and internet?

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Studies show that retirees shop for cable and internet more than other generations - do you think that is true?  Have you struggled finding cable or internet services?  Share what you have done.

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