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Re: Cutting the cord options for TV?

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We use Netflix for DVDs. (No streaming.) We watch PBS programming, History Channel programming, some TV series (Ray Donovan, Sopranos, Vikings, Boardwalk Empire, Justified, Breaking Bad, Burn Notice) and movies. (~$13 a month)


We use Hulu Plus for some movies but mostly to watch series like Orville, Elementary, The Handmaid's Tale, Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Shades of Blue, Fargo, How to Get Away With Murder and Brooklyn 99. ($8 a month)


On rare occasion we rent a movie through Apple TV. ($3.99-5.99 a movie, no monthly fee)


We stream The Blacklist via the NBC app. (free)


For the Olympics and news, I use the web. (Starting with Twitter to locate stories of interest. I follow ~400 newsmakers, reporters and publishers, but block anyone who tries to follow me. I AM the audience there: I don't want an audience. :0))


We do not have cable, Direct or Satellite TV.  We pay $55 a month for hi speed wireless broadband internet services and $50 a month for DH's cellphone.


I couldn't care less if I keep current with 99% of what is broadcast. Indeed, I rather prefer not to. Smiley Happy Outside of the Tour and the Olympics, I can't sit still long enough to watch sports. And the truth is, I almost always fall asleep to whatever it is we are watching anyway. Smiley Happy


Epster, reformed circa 1984 MTV and CNN addict 





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Cutting the cord options for TV?

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That ought to sum up the exact question of the day.


what do you use if on DSL or Cable and don’t want to pay $100 month for TV, and perhaps are located 30 -100 miles away from over air digital broadcast -ewww!


If I weren’t at the end of World, I could get digital antenna for up to 100 miles coverage, mountains ruled that thought out.


60 foot rotary antenna says that won’t happen here, 4 channels and 2 are from Quebec my French speaking skills are non-existent.



Youtube TV



$5 between them all price wise, and a slight surprise fee if you wish on iPhone store


who uses what and why?


This is assuming you already have a cable/dsl internet connection and isn’t part of the price point of happiness.


My local dsl provider is $30 bucks period. Cable wants $49 and Spectrum 3 month trial before cleaning like a pipe stem.


Important questions, need answers. I looked at my DVR most watched channels - 

abc, nbc,cbs,Fox, pbs, a&e, history and A&E.


Frightening bit, some I only binge on, 2 years on DVR, without watching.


Most like Hulu and YouTube allow up to 5 dvr’s.



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