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Re: Computer monitor

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Get a bigger monitor. 17", even with the text maxed out, is useless. I just went from a 22" to a nice HD 27" curved (sitting 3' - 4' away) and it's great. Plus side, all those HD videos on YouTube look *fantastic*.

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Re: Computer monitor

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I have WINDOWS 8.1 (soon to be  Win 10 via free update w/HP). The font increase/decrease is always available, as well as, a magnifier adjustment  throught HP computers. This is something you might want to investigate. It would probably solve your spouse's practice of viewing the monitor so closely.


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Re: Computer monitor

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I press CTRL and move the mouse wheel forward to increase zoom, backward to decrease zoom. 

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Re: Computer monitor

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I've got 18", 22" and 23" LCD panels.  Most of my time is spent at the 18 (the others are used primarily for remote support).  The advice given for increasing font size is the simplest way to improve the screen presentation.  That being said, I've had many problems with my eyes (multiple surgeries, transplant, etc. though not necessarily consequential to my heavy computer usage)) and have found (and confirmed with several opthalmologists) that one way to make yourself more comfortable is to adjust the combination so that the top of the monitor is no higher than your eyes.  This forces you to look down at the screen.  When you look straight ahead, you tend not to blink, which results in e reduction in tears (lubrication) and that leads to dry eyes and headaches.  I cannot recommend strongly enough that this procedure be followed.  It's even more important for children and is easily implemented by simply putting a cushion on the chair.  I've made sure that my grandkids understand the reason for doing so and they appear to be complying, albeit sometimes reluctantly.

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Re: Computer monitor

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If you are using a Windows-based computer, for XP right click the desktop and select Properties then Settings, there you can change the screen resolution, the lower the bigger your desktop and objects will look. On Windows 7 or 8 also right click the desktop and select Personalize, (also right click Computer and select Properties), On a Mac go to System Settings (Preferences), there you change the font size defaults.


If you are browsing web pages you can also do changes on the fly, for that enable the browser to show the status bar, in the lower-right corner you can change to be higher than 100% to make things in the screen bigger.

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Re: Computer monitor

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Follow all advise for adjusting screen size on Apple or Windows computers or else just use that fancy extra digital tv set to give yourself a nice 46" monitor. I freely admit I've been doing that ever since the day I forgot to bring my reading glasses on a housecall. Now, I merely carry a just in case pair of readers, or a long HDMI to HDMI , HDMI to DVI.


I also managed to convert a couple of Legally blinds to using Digital TV's instead of 21-25" monitors, the old Analog TV style.(CRT style). Most not all desktops have a HDMI, or DVI connector on them if running a newer Win7 on Operating system. Same as HDMI on laptops.


If you're husbands still using Vista or earlier - a new video card can do wonders for making all things visible.again.



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Re: Computer monitor

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Although some of the other suggestions are only a partial answer, based on sharonandana's comments, I believe that she would actually want all fonts changed, not just in a browser.  Use these to searches for the answer.

increasing font size in windows vista
increasing font size in windows 7
increasing font size in windows 8

For instance, in Windows 8:

1.  Open the control panel.
2.  Click on "Ease of Access".

Here you can setup high contrast displays, which it makes it easier to see.

To change the font size, in Windows 8:

1.  Open the control panel.
2.  Click on "Fonts".
3.  Click "Change Font Size".

The reason I gave the search parameters to use is because the steps have changed since Windows XP, and you didn't specify what OS is being used.

Best of luck!

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Re: Computer monitor

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For Windows computers, depending on the browser you use, you should be able to adjust the text size on the pages. Just above that is the zoom setting. See image below for IE 11.




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Texas (USA)


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Re: Computer monitor

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By the way, normal reading glasses are not the best for computer usage (although I'm using them right now).  Computer reading glasses focus several inches further away for the normal computer sscreen distance.

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Re: Computer monitor

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Yep... Windoze! Just Luv to HATE it!!  but....


If on any webpage... hold down the CTRL key... and tap the "+" sign key (repeatedly, if needed) ... all the webpage will ZOOM up in size. To get all to be smaller again...  hold CTRL and tape the "-" sign key (repeatedly).


Other wish .. there's a handy "Magnifier" program... puts a little magnifiing glass on screen that can be 'moved' around in various ways. Get to it from pressing the START button, then ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES folder, EASE OF ACCESS after that, and Magnifier program is in there, starts by double clicking it.


Hope those help out! ENJOY!!


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