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Re: Ancestry Rootsweb hacked

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First I heard of this !  I've never used Ancestry, but have considered it-my sister & cousin have used it & obtained some family info, a few years ago. I'll let them know about this. Nothing is sacred anymore ! Woman Frustrated

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Re: Ancestry Rootsweb hacked

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Thanks for this, @Frozenoem  DH's got a tree there. I just sent him off to change his password. 


10 kudos if I could, buddy. Smiley Happy


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Ancestry Rootsweb hacked

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If you research your genealogy and used ancestry dot com, surprise you might like to change your passwords right now!


300,000 accounts were compromised in 2015 in plaintext, readable by anyone.


Trouble being Information was only recently discovered, and it’s still on the dark web.




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