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Re: What sparked your fascination with Diana?

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Diana had great self-esteem, she loved children and others less fortunate.  I have this in common with her.  She had a great eye for fashion and impeccable manners.  She was destined to her role as a princess and further if her life had not been shortened.  I will forever believe in her as the future queen of England and yet she will never hold that title.  But I do believe her daughter-in-law would be a great choice that Diana would want for her Prince William.  I pray this family will remain together and filled with love, so far they have done an excellent job representing their beloved family and country.

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Re: What sparked your fascination with Diana?

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I saw the picture of her in the newspaper one morning. We were the same age. Wow she is going to marry a prince. A real life cinderella. Her head was down and I could see how uncomfortable she was. It that time I was in a collage relationship that was moving much too fast for me. He was my first boyfriend and I wanted to date more. I could tell at that time she was in a dilemma. She wasn't ready for the marriage. He wasn't her choice. Although she knew she was beautiful she wasn't ready for the cameras, she felt overweight. I was 19 home from collage sitting with my father reading the newspaper and stared at the picture. I knew then I would follow her life and be forever intrigued by her. The humanity she had for others, her love for clothes, her bulimia and the loveless marriage. None of it surprise me.   I was sleeping  in a hotel room training for the job that I have had for 20 years when the call came about the accident. I told my roommate trun on the television lady Diana has been in a car accident. It haunts me what she said. "she's dead". I told her no just a car accident. We turned on the tv and CNN was pronouncing her dead. I have respect for Prince Charles for waiting 10 years after her death to marry Camila. I happy her sons can marry for love. Elton John's tribute for agoodbye Norma Jean was perfect for Lady Di. Forever intrigued by your life. RIP

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What sparked your fascination with Diana?

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Back in the day, what do you think sparked the fascination with all things Diana, especially among Americans?




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