elderly parent needs home repairs/caregiver needs financial assistance to care for mother

I'm disabled and I moved back home to care for my mother. I am an only child. When I have doctors appointments I have to rely on a friend, neighbor or request my son to take off work. Mother nor I have extra income to pay them for their time loss from work. Can a adult child on disability caring for elderly parent receive monthly financial assistance? Neither of us receive food stamps although meals are prepared separately. Mother's home needs repairs. The room where I sleep needs a roof; when it rains I have to catch the rainwater. This entire situation often has me depressed. Can someone please provide information that will make life just a bit better to buy food, pay medical bills and make home repairs?

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Whether or not you can get paid depends on the state you live in. What i'd recommend is that you go to and type in your zip code. Then first thing tomorrow, call the area agency on aging and talk to the intake person. Tell your story, explain your situation. There are many services that should be available to you both, including transportation, meals on wheels. There are covid relief funds that are unusual and in some cases very generous. Please call, then tell us what you learned and what questions you still have. You do not need to do this alone. Your county, city, state will help you. Please call them.


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