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We are going on vacation  starting on the 12th my wife takes care of her parents  they're getting very old  and it's time for a break  it's not easy taking care of parents  they need a lot of care  but  it's not all  that hard if you just take it one day at a time  there are some things  that we have to be careful for  like they have to take meds and if we're not careful they'll take the wrong ones  or they'll take too much of it  just taking him for a walk isn't that easy they need walkers  so when we have to take them for doctor visits or take them shopping there's a lot on your plate doing this  but as the saying goes  you know you got to take care of family  when your parents get to the age where they can't really take care of themselves it's up to the kids the only bad part about it is that my wife is an only child  and she has to do all this on her own  we don't want to have to put him in a nursing home so we are in the process of purchasing  a trailer  from which we will be going from a two-bedroom to a three bedroom  so that her parents can move in to make things so much easier on not so much them but on my wife  so hopefully everything will work out and  will be able to  live comfortably and hope for parents will be around for another couple years or so  it stinks to see  your parents when they get into the position that they can't take care of themselves and you have to do it for him  but  we are their children they brought us into this world and took care of us for 18 years  so now it's our turn to take care of them  and it ain't that bad  so as far as caregiving goes  you know people think it might be easy I don't know how nurses do it or nursing homes to it  cuz it is a lot of work and we're only taken care of  two people  not 20 or 30 at a time  so things things can get quite hectic at times  but  overall it's not that bad  that's my story  thank you Kevin

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Thank you so much for sharing your story with the group Kevin. Where are you going on vacation? Are you taking your in-laws or are they staying home? If they are staying, will someone be with them? As a current caregiver, any tips you can supply to the group in how to prepare yourself and your loved one for vacation?
Thanks for joining and write back.
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